Summer's here( at least for a couple days)

  • Finally some summer like weather here in Ontario. Going for a long walk I think. The pantyhose are Platino Blogger 20s. 

  • Did ya do it?  Did you make it out of the house and rock those shiny legs in the sunlight and warmth that you lucky folks in Ontario are getting?  (our weather is still garbage and unpredictably cold and windy out west)  I can't even think about stepping into my heels and walking over to the stores, and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  It's still boots and jeans if you're out walking around these parts.  My sexy stilettos and skirts are still "on hold" until things improve meteorologically.  Hate you!  LoL

  • Morning Carrie. You best believe I ventured out. It was about 30 degrees yesterday ,same today!!😊

    Great day to hit the DIY car wash to clean off all the winter grime. Then off to Winners for another deal hunt. Sadly nothing caught my eye. 

  • @Carrie Stuart Absolutely stunning pumps Carrie!! Hope to see those on ya one day when winter finally gives you folks a break 😁

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