Ankle bracelet

  • Just curious how many here wear ankle bracelets, and do you wear it on top of or underneath your pantyhose? 

  • I usually will wear an anklet if I'm going out for dinner, or a special event of some sort.  I don't usually bother with one for daily tasks and errands.  It's a nice little accent to add to your look when you are wearing a beautiful pair of high heels.  It's jewelry that's not much different than a beautiful necklace that will draw the eye up to your face.  It has the same effect, but in the opposite direction down your legs and along your glistening stockings or pantyhose until your eye hits the shimmering strands of polished metal sitting just above your ankle.
    Unlike some girls who wear one full time, my style is to use anklets as an added feature.  As such, it needs to be noticed.  So, I never wear it under my nylons.  Even though I'd be tempted to for security purposes, doing so would rather defeat the purposes of it getting noticed if it was somewhat camouflaged beneath your stockings.
    The one thing I never do is wear an anklet when I'm wearing a high heel that has an akle strap.  Not only does it look too busy and bit cluttered, but that's when you can end up snapping the anklet if and when it gets caught up around the ankle strap of your shoes. There's just not enough room for both to safely exist together in harmony.

  • I think that ankle bracelets should be worn over pantyhose, not under.  

  • @D H I agree.  I thnk the women who just pull their hosiery over their anklets do so out of laziness or time constraints.  Admittedly, if you wear an anklet full time, it can be a bit of a bother to take it off, put your nylons on, and then put it back on carefully.  I sometimes need to use tweezers in order to get a proper hold of it while getting it on.  But I have long manicured nails that make things a bit challenging sometimes.

  • @Carrie Stuart When the ankle bracelet is over the pantyhose, it is a strong indication that the pantyhose is staying on. 

  • @D H Well, about the only time my pantyhose would be coming off when I'm out is IF they had somehow received a massive rip that was very noticable.  I hate runs in my nylons, especially if I wear black.  At least it's a lot easier to take off an anklet, than for me to put this one back on.  Maybe I could solicit some help from a skilled volunteer??

  • I just started. 

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