Soni Panda?

  • Does anyone else here watch Soni Pandas hosiery youtube channel?

    I wish there were moew women with her passion for hosiery. 




  • Soni has at least 2 accounts on Youtube, and a bunch of others who knows where, in addition to her own blog and website.  I've followed her off and on for a few years now.  She used to do a lot more fashion videos on Youtube where she'd wear a bunch of different outfits she got from a supplier, and she'd pair them with stockings and "tights" as well as high heels.  A lot of her outfits were really gorgeous on her.
    A couple of years ago, I think she figured out that there was a huge audience out there that tuned in mostly to see her wearing stockings or tights, and she began to cater to that segment, and her fashionable outfits took a backseat.  She even started up her own hosiery brand and has been flogging that on her website for the past couple of years.
    She used to be a very informative source of information on hosiery and high heels, particularly, but of recent times, I think she mostly uses social media for the eye candy aspect in order to drive traffic to her website.

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