Ventured out in public finally

  • So finally went out in public with shorts and pantyhose.  Went with a flesh color.  Was an exhilarating experience!!

  • awsome you go gurl , love the feeling of wearing pantyhose out and about 

  • That's Great hun!!!

    Where did you decide to go in your sexy pantyhose 

  • @Steph T I went to the grocery store and then to a local park to walk around. :)

  • I've been wearing pantyhose and shorts everywhere, all summer long. A few examples are: grocery stores, walking around town, getting fuel, family outings, restaurants and patios, outdoor markets, around the neighborhood, and talking to fellow neighbors, bike riding, etc. I don't experience any negativity, and it could be because I don't wear bold colours in the summer. I only stick to skin tone, and I try to make it match as close as possible to my tan as my skin colour changes throughout the summer. During the winter months, I'll sometimes wear black under my jeans, which usually have rips in them, so there's no question that I'm wearing pantyhose or tights underneath. Again, never a negative reaction from people.

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