Male wearer, lots of us?

  • So I am a male wearer who was once very shy about wearing in the public until about 10 years ago when I gradually started to wear more out in the open.  Now that I’m fully into the “don’t give a fuck” stage in life, I wear everyday in public all season.  That means summer with shorts.  Granted, I do only wear sub 8 denier skin tones so it’s very difficult to tell.  Nevertheless it’s still a thrill going against the norm.

    This got me asking, how many of us are out there in the wild.  I always knew that there were more of us, even if only small in numbers with odds of meeting up pretty remote.  Until…. one day, not one, but two encounters.  The first while walking my dog, I noticed a fella mowing his lawn.  Nothing special until I got closer and clearly noticed his legs were, low and behold, encased in a pair of nice skin tones probably 20 denier or higher as they weren’t invisible like my legs.  This brought a smile to my face as I walked by, metaphorically of course as I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.  Then later on in the day, I was filling up my car at the gas station, and you guessed it, guy over in the next pump was also wearing.  Also some skin tones, but this time I think they were a bit on the lighter side.  Either that, or the glimmer from the sun made them appear that way.  At this point, I’m thinking, holy crap, twice in one day.  What are the odds?  Are we a group that is actually larger in numbers than we think?  I’d like to add that as a young child around 8ish, I did also have a friend, also boy, who also got naughty in mom’s sock drawer.  We’re both straight males I might add, for context.

    So ya, makes me wonder, who/how many of us are actually out there.  If we include those of us who are still more private about this interest, I think our numbers are way higher than we think.

    Let’s keep it going guys.  And gals too, I love it when my wife wears, too seldomly unfortunately.

  • bravo my pantyhose friend well done , steff cd here life time pantyhose wearer here , i figure the better part of 50 yrs for me and still lovem too this day , i too wear everyday feel naked without them , and yes theres many of us out their in the wild , ive been shaving my legs for the last 15 yrs or so and never had a negative reaction , mostly coments of how nice my legs look , i usully come back with you should see them in nylons , that raises eyebrows at times , i have yet too wear nylons out in the open but that is soon too change , iam lucky too have a supportive partner so that helps big time , she her self seldom wears but i make up for that , were i live myself and a couple other hose lovers get together from time too time for coffees or pints and we chat about our likes and dislikes of fine hosiery , a couple fellas wear openly with shorts at or get togethers and no one seems too notice or care , so we are always open for more too join our group . so yes we are out their we are just a bit elusive , i think its time we loose the sigma , people forget it was men who wore a type of hosiery ( tights ) back in the day 1800,s even make up so yea its not new , iam sure here at shapings robert probably sells more hosiery to men than the ladys , so i say enjoy pantyhose for the masses , so there we are my friend , hose lovers of ontario unite , rest of canada too , any how no that ive started a responce lets she how many more of us are out there ,      all the best everyone   steff 😍

  • That's great you wear openly!!

    I have for a good 30+ years. My partner is an amazing woman who doesnt bat an eye if I head out for errands in shorts and pantyhose. I often will don a skirt and heels and get out there when an occasion arises. 

    Life is Way too short to worry about what other people think or feel quite frankly.

    So let's All be ourselves and feel great while doing it!!

  • @s c Good on you, SC. I too wear openly in public with shorts during the summer months, and go everywhere in them. Not sure where you live, but wouldn't it be a strange coincidence if it was me you saw at the gas pump fuelling up! lol.

    Glad you're living life on your own terms, as do I. 👍

  • Hello... In the closet still but my wife knows but really doesn't care for it. I wear alot, ALOT

    Fetlife = pantyhoselver

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