Just in time for Spring/Summer (if it ever gets here)

  • This week started off with a nice surpise from Shapings, a day earlier than Canada Post had projected delivery.  I received a tracking text early in the morning and by 1:30 PM, I was cutting through the packing tape to reveal this treasure of gorgeous hosiery.

    I bought several different brands of back seamed hosiery.  2 are from CdR (Sevilla Chic 15 and Hyde Park 20) and the other one is by Kunert (Raffinesse 20)  The CdR are nude or moreno shade while the Kunert are in black.  Doesn't get any more sexy seductive than black, does it? !!

    This is my first time trying Girardi and Silvia Grande brands.  I'm looking forward to good things from some of their basic offerings in 15 and 20 denier weaves.  And what girl doesn't appreciate the convenience of black thigh stay ups when she can't be bothered fussing with a garter belt for traditional stockings on a hot summer night out?  Le Bourget was my choice for that option.

    C'mon spring sun and wind...Do yer thang so I can step out in some of my favourite heels and hose.

  • awesome haul carrie , 😍

  • You will not regret trying the Silvia Grande hose hun!! They are very nice quality. 

  • Congrats on the new purchase!

    Those back seam pantyhose are really sexy. Please do share some pics after putting them on!

    You also have a great taste in Vinyl records!

  • @Tom Woo Tip of the iceberg for musical interests, Tom.  My taste is wide and diverse.
    Im looking forward to an event which would call for something special like back seamed hosiery.  Such events are scant few in this hick town where I live.  People don't know how to dress for class or elegance here, unlike where I grew up in Montreal.  Most women around here don't have much of a sense or appreciation for sophistication or classic styling.

  • @Steph T Thanks Steph.  I'm looking forward to feeling the difference.  That said, I already enjoy the difference higher quality hosiery brings with it through other top brands.

  • @steff cd Thanks, Steff.  Ya, kinda blew the spring budget for hosiery on that order.

  • @Steph T Have you tried the Girardi brand yet?

  • @Carrie Stuart I saw a waitress wearing black back seam pantyhose in a not so fancy restaurant. Perhaps you don't need a specific occasion to wear that 😉

  • @Tom Woo I appreciate that but you kind of do around here.  Jeez, even wearing pantyhose of any kind these days draws looks from men and women alike.  Women blink like they're seeing things.  And men just ogle.
    You need to be at a really fancy event before nobody gives it a second thought.  (or a 1950s or 60s theme party)

  • @Carrie Stuart I haven't had the pleasure yet. Let me know what ya think.

  • @Steph T Shall do when I eventually break them out for an event.  I don't think they're the kind I'd just wear around the house or for local errand running.

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