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  • Just placed another order for my petite and pretty wife. It's strange because this time she asked if i could up the size to "C". She's only 5'4"/118 lbs but has found the "B" size for her is a bit too tight and not long enough. No doubt because these are all support hose and tend to fit the leg and feet very tight. I'm trying a support nylon stocking too. Can't wait to see her in garters.

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    Product image Description Quantity Price
    Carezza 40 Pantyhose - Fumo / 3
    Carezza 40 PantyhoseFumo / 3 1 $16.95
    Relax 40 Pantyhose - Mocca / 2
    Relax 40 PantyhoseMocca / 2 1 $10.99
    Carezza 40 Support Stockings - Castoro / 3
    Carezza 40 Support StockingsCastoro / 3 1 $14.95
    Alba Chiara 40 Support Pantyhose - Chiaro / 3
    Alba Chiara 40 Support PantyhoseChiaro / 3 1 $12.49

  • @Hipaa Training You joined this forum simply to post an advertisement. Is that deemed "gauche"? Maybe you'd like these stockings. 

  • I'm sorry, Michael, I can't be of much help by offering personal experience in this regard.  I don't wear support hosiery, and am 2 inches taller at 5'6" and around 135 lbs.  I'm often on the border line of size 2 and 3, but usually size up when it's that close.  There's nothing worse than wearing hosiery that feels like it's restricting your leg movement, or if it's pantyhose, feeling like the crotch is sliding down to your skirt hem length.
    If your hosiery is a tad too small, you risk damaging it while trying to get it on, and that's never a good start to your day.  It's better to be able to have a little more material to work with than trying to wring out the last half inch of length from pantyhose that are too short.  At least with gartered stockings you have the ability to lengthen the straps and wear a longer skirt if your stockings are a bit short.  I imagine support pantyhose to be a LOT less forgiving.

  • @D H This place sucks for the sheer number of SPAM BOTS that show up regularly.  They eventually get cleared out, but it takes a while between flushes by Robert.  It must be too easy to get an account here, I think.

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