Wife Wearing Stockings Garters for First Time2

  • Here's the stockings that I purchased from Shapings. These are incredible. Picture taken after my wife had worn them.

  • i must say i do like how sheer they are , 

  • Us too. The reinforcments are quite opaque which I like. Appear to be quite durable for such a low denier count.

  • @michael Holtby They're incredibly sexy to wear.  (and hopefully to look at by others)  I bought 2 pairs of them in size 3, one in black (noir) and the other in cappuccino.  I've worn the cappuccino pair out to dinner once and had a hard time keeping my own hands off my legs all night long.  They feel wonderful to the touch as well as give off a glassy look.  
    Are they the Capri 15 or Capri 7 style?  I got the 15s.

  • They look stunning and silky . bet her legs looked so smooth 

  • @Carrie Stuart I bet they looked super glamorous on your legs. Did you take any pictures of yourself in them Carrie?

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