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  • Anyone have any experience with Les Belles tights?


    Looks like they are very similar to Heist.

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    I have checked it out.  Some observations. Any seamless can be unisex, it's nothing special that they have done to make it so, as there is no gusset issue for the male to make work, again, seamless is pretty much unisex but the male parts will not be supported so you will be "out there" when it comes to the panty function.  

    Looking at the marketing, I wish these companies would use more attractive male models to represent a more sophistacate male image.   These guys seem a tad feminine.  

    I would need to get a hold of their product to view the yarn and make a quality determination.   


  • @Robert Safko I'm pretty sure they're definitely catering to more "feminine" male customers. I don't necessarily think that's the only way they could do it, but I can see why. They'd probably sell a lot more if they did use different models. 

    As for the quality..They're definitely not qs luxurious as other more expensive brands.  They do stretch very well and are pretty soft, but the thread count seems low, if that makes sense? Calzitaly, and Wolford for example maybe have double wrapped yarns? I'm not in the biz, so I'm not familiar. I don't think Les Belles are made the same way especially in the upper portion.  Maybe that's how they make them so stretchy? I did buy a second round of them however.  My girlfriend was actually comfortable in them and was able to wear them for more than an hour. She's on the smaller side when compared to most in the US, but has wider hips and butt and hates most brands. @Robert Safko 

  • I have several pair. I'm very happy with them as it is very difficult to find hosiery for my size (I'm 6'2 with a 34" inseam). They are very comfortable and I love the waistband. The only problem I see is that that there isn't much of a variety of styles.

    Saying that, get a couple of pair and try them out. what works for me may not work for you

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