Home alone

  • Freshly shaved legs and phose20 denier jet black

  • 20 denier blue

  • 30 denier suntan

  • @Fonzie Just a thought...Would it be possible to label your postings or provide pertinent details with respect to what products you're actually wearing, so that your audience (and Shapings) might potentially benefit from your uploads?  Pics for the sake of pics doesn't really contribute much of anything of value to those who tune into this community.  Instagram we are not.  Thanks 😀

  • Will do

  • Gemini 20 Nero
    Ibici opaque 30 tan 
    20 lucido - pool blue

  • @Fonzie Please try to include the names of the manufacturers, too.  Some of us might be able to guess, if we have a history of familiarity with many different products, but not everyone has the same level of experience.

    For example:
    Are the Gemini 20 in Nero a CdR product?
    Ibici is a brand name.  Do the Opaque 30s in tan have another name(style) they go by?
    Are the Lucido 20s also a CdR product?

    Not everybody will have the ability to "guess" if they are thinking about buying some, courtesy of your photos and posting.


  • How do I delete pics?

  • @Fonzie Dunno.  Never had to.  What happens when you try to EDIT something you've posted?  Can you not remove the photo and leave the text? (if any)

  • Nice legs !

  • Gorgeous legs!

  • Hello Fonzie,

    Thank you for participating in our forum with your photos.   We have this setion avaiablle for anyone that wishes to show off their photography in regards to leg fashion and personal taste in hosiery.  It is not necessary to explain what hose you are wearing but for benifit of our fellow participants here that take hosiery quite seriously would like to know what you are wearing but it is not mandatory to do so.  

    You had listed the products with enough information that our search function can bring up the prodcuts.   The Gemini 20 is only one style and only made by CdR and the search would only bring up one style.    The Ibici Opaque 30 is correctly labeled.   The 20 Lucido in Pool Blue is only avaialble in the Silvia Grandi Top 20 Lucido.        

    Thank you for taking the time to list your hosiery styles that you had worn in these tasteful photos and thank you for visiting with us.   You had started a thread that would engage discussion and that is what this forum is all about.    I hope you will post with us in the future.

    As for the deletion of pics, I'm sorry you feel you need to delete your pics but let me know through email which ones you will to delete and I make that happen for you. 

    Robert  Safko




  • Girardi Brigitte violet

  • Jirardi Brigitte verde flor

  • @Memet Göydeniz I wouldn't mind that one bit.

  • @Fonzie Fonzerellie You have gorgeous legs!

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