tights or pantyhose

  • was wondering how many switch too tights over pantyhose for the winter mths , i myself stick with pantyhose 

  • I wear both, depending on the temperature and activities. If I'm indoors for most of the day where it's warm, I'll wear 15-30 denier pantyhose. If I'm outside in the freezing cold for any length of time, then it's tights for sure. Usually black, and the thicker the better. 

  • I'm pretty much strictly a pantyhose girl, even when it gets down in temperature.  I'll just wear long boots to cover the areas exposed that a long winter coat doesn't.  About the only time I'll wear tights is IF I know I have to be outside for a potentially extended time when it's about -15*C or lower. I'd have to be shoveling snow or going for a long winter walk, or something like that, in order to reach for tights when getting dressed to go out.  If it's super cold, I'll layer tights OVER my base pantyhose that I slipped into earlier when initially getting dressed.  Apart from that, pantyhose are what I think about first, in terms of what to wear on my lower half, even if all I'm planning to put on that day are a pair of skinnies. (I usually wear skirts)

    Here's a thought:

    If you layer 2 pairs of 20 denier pantyhose, they'll actually end up being warmer than if you wore 1 pair of 40 denier tights.  Actually, possibly even warmer than even higher dénier tights, too.
    The weave of both fabrics of the 20 denier pantyhose doesn't necessarilly line up with each other and, as a result, traps more air to keep your body warmer, than a single layer of heavier weight tights.  If you don't mind the opacity of layering, go with even higher dénier ratings of your pantyhose when layering, for even more warmth.

  • I wear pantyhose in the winter.  I can't pass up the feeling sliding up some silky smooth phose. The experience is too great. BTW, it's 37 degrees this morning and I put on black 30denier hose to wear under my pants.

  • I'm with Carrie. I'm pretty much only interested in pantyhose although I'll wear the occasional leggings with pantyhose under. 

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