Tights Frame of Mind Interview with Shaping's CEO Robert Safko!

  • Pantyhose King and McSheer sit down with Shapings.com CEO Robert Safko to discuss the evolution of his site, his customer base (85% men), pantyhose production, what products he personally influenced into creation, as well as the sexier side of hosiery, where women stand on wearing today  and if there will ever be a campaign featuring men as models. 

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  • Really?  You guys were able to do an interview with Robert??  That's so cool. 👍👍
    Have you and McSheer seen Robert's phtography on YouTube?  He's a pretty good shooter.  A lot of the images on the Shapings website in terms of product photos with various models are all his work.  Not sure who shot the actual video footage of Robert working with models on location, but that's quite interesting too, and well done.

    Here's a link to Shapings YouTube content.


  • @Carrie Stuart oh yes, we do know about his photography. We discussed it in the interview!

  • @Pantyhose King I've only "just" finished listening to that podcast.  Really enjoyed the trove of wonderful history and the perspective that Robert offered to you guys and your listeners in that interview.  Thank you for making that possible, and for sharing it with your audience. 
    Merci beaucoup 😁

  • What an insightful and enjoyable interview. I've been a male customer of Robert's for as long as I can remember. He always would go above and beyond to help me understand his products and what would be best suited for me. 


  • You're welcome @Carrie Stuart  and thank you @Steph T! I don't think anyone could know more about pantyhose than Robert. And that is not even the full interview (the full one is available for our Patreon members)!

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