Wife in Carezza Pantyhose

  • I know most people in here are dudes who like to wear but I do hope I get a few compliments of my wife wearing her fav brand of pantyhose.

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  • Absolutely beautiful and sexy as I love the reinforced toes and heels 

    thank you for sharing 

  • Your wife's legs are gorgeous! I love her pantyhose!

  • Very nice legs and nylons

  • Your wife's legs look very nice in those pantyhose.  Great lighting on your subject, too.
    You didn't state the brand, as such, but I am familiar with the Carezza style because I wear one of the products myself.  I wear 2 or 3 Elly brand products.
    Your wife's pantyhose look to be the 40 denier style that are from Crezza's support pantyhose line.  I don't wear support hose, myself, but am a big fan of the classic stocking look that incorporates reinforced toes and heels.  It's an iconic look that will continue to endure as a traditional style of hosiery dating back to as early as the 1950s, if not earlier before WWll.
    I wear both, Elly pantyhose products, as well as a couple of different styles from their stocking line.  Here's a look at what I have in my collection at present.

  • Lovely to see women here!

  • @Carrie Stuart Thanks very much. Yes, the pair she's wearing are the 40 denier with the reinforced heel toes and control top. The weave is a wee bit grainy but they look so hot. Curious about the two pairs you show here. I like the shade of the pair on the right. Do they have a control top and reinforced toes etc etc???

  • @michael Holtby The pair on  the right are not pantyhose.  They are stockings that require a garter belt.  They have a classic welt at the top of each leg, and also incorporate reinforced toes and a reciproated heel into their design.  Here's a link to the product.

    The package on the left are, in fact, pantyhose.  They are STW and although the description states they have reinforced toes, they are rather invisible.  Perhaps earlier styles of this model may have incorporated a visible reinforced toe, but their latest offerings of this style do not.  Note the differences in the packaging in my photos as compared to the Shapings website.  The website photos are misleading in that regard.

  • Absolutely stunning legs and beautiful pair of pantyhose. Love all the detail on that pair, especially the reinforced toes and her lace panty to compliment. 

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