Stay Ups over STWs

  • Very nice. You should paint your nails. That would be awesome!!!!!!

  • Very sexy and silky 

  • I have a couple of questions with respect to layering in that order.

    1)  How do you get the stay ups to actually stay up when the silicon bands at the top of the leg are trying to grip a rather smooth and slippery thigh of pantyhose?  Don't they slide down as you walk or move around?  I'm thinking if I were to do it that way, I'd probably also wear a garter to be safe that they don't end up down around my ankles in public.  Major embarrassment.

    2)  Are you fond of the moire effect on your legs?  That's not something I'd wish for in my own look.

    3)  Do you remember specifically what brands and styles you used to achieve this look?

    Thanks Steph

  • @Carrie Stuart Hello Carrie.

    The pantyhose are Oleandro 20s and the stay ups are Secret brand. I dont find that the stocking slips down much. I'm not running around an office or something like that, so they might indeed fall if I was more  active while layering. 

  • @Steph T Thanks Steph.  I wear a couple of different Trasparenze products but have yet to try Oleandro 20s.  In addition to their stay up stockings and some of their gartered stockings, (Sara 20) the pantyhose styles I typically wear are Rosy 20, Noemi 8, and Katia 15s.  Clearly, I love a lot of Trasparenze products.  LoL
    I guess how you layer, and your purposes, are likely different from mine.  The last time I did, I did so for added warmth on a windy day before heading out for a some errand running.  My stockings needed to "stay up"!  And they did.  But the stockings I wore over my pantyhose were gartered, and not simply stay ups that I didn't feel was worth risking a wardrobe malfunction in.  I'm still a little apprehensive to layer over pantyhose with stay ups.  Might need to try them out at home first, for their abilities to stay put on top of slippery pantyhose.

  • Love the layered look.

  • Layering os aeesome

  • Great look Steph! Love the shine.

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