About to venture out in hose openly

  • So have gathered up my courage and am going to venture out in public in shorts and pantyhose.  Any advice or suggestions on where to go and shade of hose to go with?  Will post photos after.  :)

  • If you need to build up to it, I would start with joggers. It shows your ankle level and you'll pretty much forget it's even there and you're in public. From there, I'd work my way up to shorts.

    But if you're ready to go full blown with shorts, try a color that matches/compliments your shorts. I think that'd look pretty cool.

  • @alan f I'm definitely ready to do shorts.  :)

  • On my first outing in pantyhose and shorts, I wore sheer skin tone pantyhose, bike shorts, and hopped on my bike and rode around the lake trail. My thinking was:  if the pantyhose match my skin colour, and I'm passing by people quickly, they aren't really even going to notice that I was wearing pantyhose. I was correct in my thinking. Fast forward a few years-Now I walk everywhere in pantyhose and shorts, and still no reactions from people. Confidence in yourself is key, as well as just being your usual self. Wearing pantyhose doesn't change who I am, it's just another article of clothing I choose to wear.  No different than deciding on what else to wear on a daily basis. Hope this insight helps.

  • Go for it!!!

    Stick to Matt or low gloss hose hun as close to.your arm color once on your legs. Too dark on the legs will scream pantyhose.

    Go out and rock your pantyhose and shorts. I do.it all the time.

    Have fun 


  • Success!!!!!  It was so much fun.  I went over to a nearby park and walked around.  Sat down at a table and took this to show you.  

  • @T S Well done! Nice hose

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  • Congradulations, it took me a long time to go out wearing hosiery(pantyhose) in public. The park, the mall, or a store is a good place to go wearing pantyhose or tights in public if you are a man. Some people are not used to seeing men wearing hosiery, so they might look at you; however, that is normal for anyone seeing something for the first time. Eventually they will get used to seeing you like that. More than ever most people do not care what you wear honestly. Most people will not think anything bad about you. For men who are very masculine it is true that some men in the Army wear pantyhose to prevent blisters on long walks and to stop insects from biting them. I was in Iraq so I know. What I would suggest to men wearing pantyhose in public the first time is to shave your legs or wax them and wear skin tone pantyhose. Make sure to wear shorts and shoes that look good with the pantyhose. One way to do this is to think would a woman wear the shorts, shoes, and shirt you have if she wishes to dress more masculine with the hosiery? Some women do not like to dress feminine all the time and they still look very good. That way it will look good and look familiar to a lot of people.

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