The Uniqueness of Hosiery

  •     I think hosiery is an unique item of clothing.  If you think about it, it serves many purposes maybe more so than any other item of clothing.  First, and likely the most common, is it is just an ordinary item that one wears to accentuate an outfit or give one a more professional look.  It is used as a compression garment to help those with vascular issues and other medical conditions.  It is used in fitness to help muscles during performance (The NFL had players wearing pantyhose in the 70's).  It is used in costuming, to help one achieve a desired a superhero, cheerleader, witch etc.  Some use hosiery for a layer of warmth.  Some use hosiery to prevent blisters.  There is also the fetish aspect of hosiery, some use hosiery to bring about arousal and pleasure in their lives whether they or their partner wears.   There are uniform policies that require hosiery...waitressses, cheerleaders, flight attendants, and business executives.  There are also those who just like hosiery and love sliding the smooth, soft material up their legs as they enjoy the silky sensation and transformation their legs take on.        

  • Agreed. Ive used hosiery for leg fatigue on ling drives, right now im wearing it to keep my legs warm in this cold spring we are having, as well as feeling sexy every day. Hosiery is pretty much a daily thing for me now. Definitely used it for the fetish aspect. At what point do I know if im addicted to wearing hosiery?

  • Can't say I wear them BUT I do love pantyhose on my petite and pretty wife. Everything you said I agree with. Hosiery enhances and accentuates legs and feet. My wife wears them all the time. She doesn't whine and complain about them being ONLY for Grannies or that they itch and feel uncomfortable. It's rather sad the stigma that's attached to pantyhose with many young women preferring bare legs and flip flops(yuck) We enjoy ordering from Shapings. Excellent choices and have never been disatisfied.

  • i agree mark well said , i think you covered everything about them , for me they are part of my everyday wear , feel naked without them 

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