stay ups or garters

  • interesting to know whats your choice , stay ups or garters 

  • Stay ups for this gurl😉

  • I'm a garter girl except when going for a pedi.  Then I wear stay ups.  Much quicker getting off and on afterward without having to go to the bathroom to do it.
    I'm pretty quick attaching my garters but pulling up a thigh high stay up is so much more convenient. 
    For what it's worth, these are thigh highs.  I sometimes have to choose them over garters if my skirt is a little too short or has a habit of riding up when I'm seated, as is the typical behaviour of this faux leather off-white mini.

    Shoes = Nine West -- Chance 3 Peep toes
    Hosiery = Pretty Polly Gloss Lace Top stockings (stay ups)

  • @Carrie Stuart hmmmmmm thanks for the pic carrie , i too have a few pairs of pretty pollys , pantyhose as well as stockings , very nice hosiery 

  • Ive been wearing garters lately. Ive lost quite a bit of weight in the last year and my stay ups are not staying up without the help of garters anymore.

  • @Brian Heels It's either the silicon strips or you might have too much lotion, possibly, on your thighs.  (hair is not a friend, either)  Fabric softner is the enemy for sticky silicon strips.  Just detergent and water will keep them clean enough to properly adhere.  Wipe them with alcohol before you put them on to ensure they are absolutely free of oil or lotion.
    If that's not doing it, you might need to reconsider a different brand or style in your thigh highs.

  • @Carrie Stuart Ive been enjoying wearing open bottom girdles and Garter belts. Ive tried cleaning the silicone with hot water, Ill have to try alcohol. 

  • @Brian Heels Alcohol in the longer term if repeatedly used is not a good thing because it will probably dry out the silicon bands.  But a couple of times might not hurt.  Alcohol is a bit of a last ditch effort when the bands no longer hold.  After that, it's either trying to keep them up with a garter belt, or tossing them out and getting new stockings.
    I don't have any girdles but I do own about 4 different garter belts that I use interchangeably according to other outfit considerations.  (stocking colour, lingerie, skirt colour)

  • LOVE your nyloned legs Carrie ! Bet they feel wonderful !!

  • Hiya Steff. I much prefer stay ups stockings. Lovely lace band, no cumbersome straps. 

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