Wife wearing Carezza 40 Elly Pantyhose2

  • Here's another photo from behind. I really like the reinforced heels and toes. They look old fashioned, which my wife and I enjoy. 

  • They look great.  They do a lot for her legs.  Love that classic old fashioned nylons look.  I wear different Elly products in their stockings line.

  • Classy very nice!

  • In closed toe and heel shoes it is often difficult to notice any reinforcement. The traditional look of hosiery still looks great even by today's fashion standards.

  • @Todd S True but my wife also likes to dangle. Many times you can actually see the reinforced heel or toes peeking out.

  • @michael Holtby I'm the same as your wife.  Most of my heels are pointy toe stilettos of a minimum 3.5 inches.  The toe boxes in that style of shoe get tight because of feet swelling as the day goes on.  When your toes are feeling cramped, you tend to slip your heels out of the backs of your shoes.  If your legs are crossed, it always ends up that you're dangling your heels from your toes.
    Some guys think that we do that to tease them, or get their attention.  It's more truthful to say that the behaviour is driven by the pursuit of comfort and relief.  Guys liking it is a side effect.

  • Hi Carrie! Nice shoes and I like the toe cleavage. Strange question maybe but if you could only have one pair of shoes, what colour would you choose and why?

  • @Hoser Thank you.  I think a small amount of toe cleavage certainly has its place in making a shoe look sexy on a foot.

    To answer your question...
    Fortunately enough, I don't and won't likely ever have to make that choice.  But if I did, I would have to go with black.  That colour goes with everything except maybe a very light coloured summer dress.  Most of my attire is what I would classify as corporate or business professional.  Pencil skirts, classic blouses, and blazers.  High heels of about 3.5 inches, so you can last through the day reasonably comfortably, and always pantyhose or stockings complete the corporate look.
    Black patent leather would probably be my choice over black napa leather only because it looks a bit dressier if the need rose for a more elegant look.  I prefer napa leather for comfort, though.  Black for the win, would be my final answer. 😁

    FWIW The heels in this photo are black patent leather and have a 4 inch high stiletto heel.  Not exactly shoes that I can wear for a whole day at work, or otherwise, unless I'm able to do a lot of sitting.  At that height they're not a "walking" shoe, but I can't dismiss how stunningly beautiful they are, and how attractive they are on my feet.  They're a pair of my favourites.  Made by Ted Baker.

  • I Think that's fine.

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  • These heels look perfect

  • Wow love this pair of Rht pantyhose

  • Love the pantyhosed foot pic, awesome!

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