What hosiery are you wearing today?

  • What hosiery are you wearing today? 

  • today im wearing CDR Vidrio 15 stockings in natural held up with a 6 strap garter belt under my jeans. Puts a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Hope you are having a great day too.

  • hi brian , today iam wearing platino nacar 15 den caresse , lovely pantyhose 

  • Fildoro 15 cappuccino under my jeans at work and just love the feeling of the denim sliding on my hosed legs 

  • Today its Alba Chiara 40 Denier from Elly. Under jeans with a Rago 919 panty.

  • Just getting around to doing this now, but 3 days after the initial post I'm wearing Gabriella Hipsters in Grafit shade.

  • @steff cd I wear those, too, for an everyday kind of leg covering.

  • @Sandra Insheerhose Love them...and especially in that dark a shade.  I have a darker cream coloured faux leather skirt that I pair them with and similar coloured nude stiletto heels.  Looks pretty good, but it's a fall/winter look.  Can't wear anything that dark on my legs in spring/summer.

  • @Carrie Stuart 

    gorgeous reinforced toes 

  • today im wearing CDR vidrio 15 crotchless pantyhose with Rago 919 panties. they feel really good under jeans. I wish more women would risk and realize how good hosiery makes you feel. 

  • @Brian Heels I think most women have become really lazy in their dressing.  They just can't be bothered.  I get it if you're a busy mom or a super mom with both career and kids.  Time management is a real challenge.  But will 2-3 minutes make a huge difference in your day if you take it to make your legs look awesome and give yourself a much more polished look to your outfit overall?  Or do you just not care about how you look now?

    A lot of women will dismiss me, and hate me for that arguement, but really girls, let's get a little lovliness back in our everyday looks.  It will honestly bring a little joy to your life when you feel good about how you look.  Break out some low 3 inch stiletto pumps while you're at it.  Casual Friday at the office doesn't mean looking frumpy every other day of the week at work!

    Photo below:
    Trying on heels at the Steve Madden store
    Hosiery = 227 Catwalk stockings in black by Fogal

  • Sexy heels and stocking legs

  • CDR Breeze 12 with 6" leopard print Maryjanes.

  • @Sandra Insheerhose I love the look of pairing shiny gold pumps with sheer black pantyhose. Very Sexy!

  • Carrie 

    Have a Happy Easter and I hope you post some holiday hose pics for all of us to enjoy?

    Your sexy black sheer hose with reinforced toes 


  • @Sandra Insheerhose I'll figure out a special Easter hosiery option...Shall it be, CdR, Trasparenze, Le Bourget, Gabriella, Elly, Kunert, Ibici, Omero, Oroblu??

  • @Carrie Stuart Decisions - decisions... :)

  • @Carrie Stuart hmmmmm well , all of the above are very fine options , 

  • On "Good" Friday, the weather was garbage.  It had been cold, windy and there had been occasional snow flurries, though nothing serious, through the 3 previous days.  But I woke up to about an inch of the white stuff on my back patio and stairs.
    Not exactly weather for strappy high heel stilettos!

    The pantyhose are Elly.  They were Carezza Star 20 in bronze.
    High heels are from Steve Madden.  

  • well then , what is it about skin tone hosiery , damm very very nice 

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