Favorites and beginnings

  •     Shapings offers such a large selection of hosiery, they all look amazing and fun to try.  I like CdR's, Oroblu, and Omero.  The Elly line also looks nice as well.  What are your favorite  brands and styles?  Which pantyhose feel nicest and look the best on you?

        Also, how did you come to enjoy hosiery?  Were you required to wear, did somebody introduce you to them, did curiosity make you want to slip into a pair?        

  • You've just mentioned 4 of my favourite brands, too.  All those manufacturers have hosiery in their line up that are mainstays that I love to wear.

    In addition to those, which I wear more often than any of the others I have as choices here, I also love a couple of different Trasparenze products in both pantyhose and thigh high styles.  I have Ibici, too, which I love very much for their feel and looks...as well as seeming to offfer reasonable durability for day to day wear, and not just as a special occasion type of hosiery. 

    Gabriella is also a company that produces some products that I have been wearing and buying of late.  I have about 2 different types from Platino in both pantyhose and stockings.  My top luxe brand for stockings is a toss up between Cervin and Gio.  Love them both equally.  The Elly line offers me 2 terrific options for daily wear gartered stockings. 

    Now that spring is trying to warm up the weather, I've been going back to pairing stockings with my skirts for day wear, and shall continue to do so as a weather continues to be friendly to that cause. Winter is not a happy time to wear stockings with shorter skirts.

  •     Wow, you really like your hosiery.  I think it is fun and exciting trying and experiencing different brands and styles.  I have quite a collection myself and like suntan and other shades of brown and jet black.  I like sheer as well as support styles.  I like both sheer to waist and control-top.  It is nice that there is so much to choose from these days. 

        When I was younger it wasn't such an easy thing to acquire but now buying and trying so many types of pantyhose is so much easier.  There is something exciting about the sexy models on the packaging, opening up the contents, and feeling the soft, delicate fabric in your hands.   Gently working the silkiness over your feet, carefully around your ankle, slowly up your legs, and finallly up to your midsection around your waist especially on smooth shaven legs is amazing.  The texture, light compression, shade of color, and smooth appearance brings out the beauty of one's legs.          


  • I absolutely DO love hosiery.  I was hooked from the get-go when my mom let me open up a Christmas present really early so I could wear them to the school concert with new shoes she also had bought me for Xmas.  I loved feeling so grown up in grade 6 with my first pair of nude\suntan pantyhose.  No more thick opaque tights for this girl!
    Through high school, my affection for sheer pantyhose only became more cemented in my psyche when I figured out that a lot of the other girls were wearing them because they knew guys noticed and would pay them more attention.  So, back then, a lot of us were wearing them for all the wrong reasons but it served our egotistical purposes of being one of the popular girls.
    I never hated wearing them, like some girls and women.  Sure, we all had our teething problems with them until we figured out what the good brands and styles were and how we could afford the better ones.  Once I started working, I was fine indulging in some of the more exotic and more expensive brands.  I was hooked for life once I was able to move up to really good quality pantyhose.
    In my later career as a flight attendant, pantyhose were de riguer for the wearing of our uniforms.  Going without was not an option without running afoul of a supervisor.  Throughout a career of constantly wearing pantyhose, I got to experiment and buy brands not available in Canada.  In the latter stages of my career when I was senior enough to hold overseas flying, I could try different brands from Europe when I went shopping on the layovers.
    Shapings is a god send for a girl like me.  I really have very little love for domestic brands.  The Europeans, particularly Italians, Spanish and the Germans know what they're doing when they make hosiery.  Shapings makes a lot of those popular European brands available to us here in Canada, and I'm thankful for that.

  •    Interesting history, funny how you continue to enjoy and love your sheer hosiery while so many others have stopped.  I think it is great when someone appreciates good quality hosiery.  I see how popular leggings are and when you think about it they aren't too dissimilar to footed hosiery.  Maybe sheer hosiery is seen as too formal or as I have heard others say too delicate and an ongoing expense.  With quality brands and beautiful styles out there I wonder how many are missing out.  I think a pair of well toned legs graced in quality hosiery looks amazing and is probably what sparked my interest when I was young.     

        Ever since I was a young child I remember the beautiful look of legs in hosiery.  The shine, the flawless consistency, and the colors.  I was so curious as to what it would feel like to wear especially when advertisemnet would describe how silky, sexy and energetic they were.  The stigma of buying and wearing obviously made it difficult.  It wasn't until grade 7 or 8 I finally found an opportunity.  I had access to a pair of suntan control top pantyhose.  I was fascinated by the silky texture, the femininity, and the delicateness of this wonderful item.  Sliding on into this pair was wonderful... the gentle touch, the smoothness and the color enhancement.  I was jealous women could freely enjoy this but conflicted that I enjoyed something so feminine.  However, I continued not only wearing but my curiosity led me to acquire and try different brands.

         I love the pictures on hosiery packages and the descriptions.  How could a hosiery lover not be interested  in a pair of Omero Luxors, CdR Rubinos or Oroblu Sensuels?  I learned also that the best way to experience hosiery was on smooth shaven legs which wasn't too farfetched since I had shaved during my high school swimming days.  What I also found made a pair of pantyhose look absolutely amazing was adding a pair of pointy 4-5" stiletto black heels.  I love the feminine transformation and the clean lines when the two are paired together.   

        Shapings has a lot to offer and all their products look great.  I definitely am always interested and experiencing new tactile sensations.          

  • @SheerMark Interesing "history" indeed, but more yours than mine.  LOL
    From when I was too young to be allowed to wear them I, too, was fascinated by how they looked on my mom's legs and wondered if they felt what they looked like...all smooth and shiny soft and sleek.  What I found out was some did, and some didn't feel that smooth and soft.  It depended on the brand my mom had on.   I could hardly wait until I would be allowed to wear them, and have my mom help me pick some out that I liked.
    Those last 2 brand and styles that you mentioned (Cdr Rubino 22 and Oroblu Sensuel 20 pantyhose) are 2 that I have.  Never tried Omero Luxors (yet) but might soon.  Wish I could pair a 5 inch stiletto pump with them but I can't handle anything much higher than 4.25-4.5 inches as an absolute max.  If If I don't have to actually stand and walk properly in them, sure, give me a pair of 120mm pumps and I'll model them.  But don't expect me to even be able to walk to the ladies room in them.  You'd have to carry me.

  •     I guess my history is somewhat interesting, anything in particular?  I find it interesting that you try and like so many different brands.  Most people find something they like and stick with it.  But I guess variety is the spice of life.     

  • @SheerMark That's because most people are practical and pragmatic.  I'm more whimsical and artistic...OK, a little eccentric too, I've been told.  LoL...I don't care.  I own it all.

    Passion runs deep and when I'm passionate about something, I tend to take it to its full capacity.  It might appear to some that I have a crazy amount of hosiery, but honestly, compared to what Shapings and even certain brands have to offer, I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg yet.  But compared to most women, other than collectors and internet influencers of hosiery, I have a pretty healthy selection at my finger tips.
    My high heel collection is pretty healthy, too.  But those are my only 2 vices, really, even though I love music, movies and fashion, in general.  Comparatively, I don't have nearly the same indulgence in those areas as I do in fashion from my hips down to my toes.
    Variety truly is the spice of life.  There is an infinite amount of interesting hosiery on this planet.  I don't expect to try them all, but when something appeals to me (and if it's not insanely expensive) I'll buy it once to see if I like it enough to make it a regular purchase.  And when I see a good sale on something I've not yet tried, I'll give it whirl, too.  That explains a few of my recent purchases from Gabrielle.  At well under $10 I had to try a couple of different styles and colours.  Glad I did.  They're great for casual everyday wearing.  Saves my better hosiery for more worthy occassions.

  •     It is nice to see that I am not the only one who has a fair share of hosiery and equally enjoys trying different brands and styles.  I am artistic as well so maybe there is a commonality in those with an artistic leaning and exploration.   Your indulgance in fashion from hips to toes is also interesting as well as relatable.  There is something so elegant and sophisticated when dressed classy.  I just love the combination of heels, hosiery and skirt...so feminine, so sexy.  For anyone who wants to compliment their legs in hosiery definitely add a pair of heels and form fitting skirt.

        Shapings offers so much to choose from and yes, few if any will ever get to try all styles.  It is nice to see such a varied selection.  When I first became interested in trying quality European pantyhose I would have to go to boutiques and boy was that nerve wracking.     


  • Getting into my teens I soon realized I was a leg man. If I saw a beautiful pair of legs in pantyhose and heels my eyes just zeroed in on those legs, its just such a beautiful thing to look at. I'm very visual. 

    At one point I was wondering how it felt to wear pantyhose and one day I had a chance to try on a pair. One day my wife (we're not together anymore it's been many years) came home exhausted from work and she took off her pantyhose and let them fall to the carpeted floor. We were sleeping when in the middle of the night I thought I would try them on to see how it felt. Needless to say I was smitten hook line and sinker. This began my obsession with pantyhose. I was in my late 20's. 

    For many years I couldn't wear them due to circumstances. My circumstances have changed and I've gone hog wild and have purchased many pairs from Shapings (your awesome). I had purchased from the Tight Spot in the UK but it took something like 5 weeks to get what I had ordered.  When I found Shapings I saw that they had an excellent variety of hosiery and I receive them in about 4 days from date of order. 

    One or two things I also wanted to mention. I read on the internet that it was men who started wearing stockings before women ever did. (Robert, correct me if I'm wrong) Back in the middle ages kings and nobles were the ones wearing stockings - the upper class. I used to think I was doing something wrong having an interest in such hosiery but not anymore. Men have legs too and why should a man only wear heavy material over his legs? Only pants? I don't think that is fair. I think that men who wear pantyhose have just a more refined taste and can truly appreciate the finer things in life. 

    Last thing! After all this talk about pantyhose which I truly enjoy, I've learned some things and acquired a better understanding of what its all about. Just today at Walmart I saw a young woman wearing a skirt with black pantyhose and of course my eyes were glued to those legs. After what I've been reading in this Forum I decided to walk up to this young woman and I told her it was nice to see her wearing a skirt and pantyhose. She gave me a big smile and probably couldn't believe her ears. I told her that very few women wear skirts and pantyhose and that it was nice to see her wearing this. I told her it was nice and feminine. I told her she had nice legs (and she did). I just hope that what I said would encourage her to keep wearing in a sea of women in pants. Bring back the femininity with skirts and hosiery. If you look at the movies from 50/60 years ago, all the women were wearing skirts, hose and heels, just awesome. Now, you don't see that very often at all. Sad.    


  • My interest in hosiery didnt start with hosiery. It started with highheels, my mums. there came a time ehen my feet were growing so off came the socks and on went the hosiery for my little highheel excursions. It has grown from there through different relationships to where I am in a relationship where we both love hosiery silky things and heels and I wear hosiery and lingerie under my boy things daily. tere is something special about your wife doing up your back garters for you when you are getting dressed for work in the morning.

  • I became interested in it at my wife's insistence. It's a nice collection, thanks for sharing.

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  • Having an interest in such items used to make me feel like I was doing something wrong, but not anymore. Why should a man merely cover his legs with heavy clothing since men also have legs? only pants? That doesn't seem fair to me. Men who wear pantyhose, in my opinion, simply have more sophisticated tastes and are better able to enjoy the finer things in life.  free games

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