ELLY Cromye 20 stockings and Ted Baker stilettos... 🎵🎥🎬 these are a few of my favourite things 🎞🎹

  • I'm so done with winter that I decided to push the envelope a little today and NOT wear boots.  Even though it wasn't exactly spring out when I left my house just after 11 am, I felt I could risk it given the almost total lack of wind and a temperature around the zero freezing mark.  With no wind, my legs really didn't need all the coverage a pair of knee high dress boots could afford me.  Besides, I was dying for something different...a little variety in my footwear options.  High heels were it today!
    Also, because it wasn't breezy at all, I felt I could wear stockings and not freeze my lady bits due to not being all covered up from waist to toes with pantyhose.  And, my wool coat is fairly long anyway.
    I opted for an inexpensive yet good quality stocking that has long been a favourite of mine but has seen seldom use recently, 20 denier Cromye stockings by ELLY.  I have about 4 pairs of them in various colour shades all the way to the always sexy black.  What I love about them is their durability and their classic styling that includes both a reinforced toe and a reciprocated heel.  They just have that hint of vintage styling to them that sets them apart from what we have come to expect in modern hosiery.  If anyone is quick enough to catch a glimpe of my stocking feet if I slip out of my heels momentarily,  they'll probably be tipped off that I'm not wearing regular pantyhose. 

    Here are a couple of photos...one shot outside my front door when I got back from my appointment, and the others in my kitchen that hopefully highlight their vintage allure.  For those who are also into high heels, these are one my fave pairs...Ted Baker-London 4 inch stiletto black patent leather Melnil models in size 39 Eur.  I don't think they are available any more but used to be a staple in Ted Baker's line.  They used to sell for about $250 CDN. 

  • Absolutely gorgeous hosed legs and heels 

    love the slight reinforced toe

    very sexy 

  • I apologize as I did not realize those were stockings and they are gorgeous on your legs 

    Reinforced toes and heels are absolutely sexy

  • @Sandra Insheerhose Thank you.  Yes, they aren't made of 100% nylon and therefore don't show any of the tell tale wrinkles that often indicate classic stockings on the leg.  They fit me very well, too, and are taught and securely held by a 6 strap garter belt.  No sagging or bagging in these.  They're fully boarded and I find that the reciprocated heel really makes a difference in terms of how well hosiery, in general, fits in all the key areas.
    Not bad at all for an $11 pair of stockings.  They're definitely an item I can confidently reorder again and again and know I'm going to be really happy with them.
    Elly Cromye 20

  • Absolutely stunning legs! Thanks for sharing!

  • @Anna CD  

    I hope you received my message Anna ?

  • Very classy .

  • The pedicure compliments the sexy legs. 

  • @Steph T Thanks Steph.  I always keep it classy...never trashy.

  • Thanks Todd.  Gotta take care of ALL the little details if you want the total package to be great.

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    Gorgeous legs in tradional stockings.  Timeless and sophisticated.  Well done!  The Elly line has some gems still being made throughout the decades.


  • @Robert Safko Thanks Robert.  I've found ELLY to be a really good manufacturer of both traditional style stockings as well as quality pantyhose.  I wear their Etoile 20 in daino and dore as an everyday go-to pantyhose.  They're durable yet silky soft and quite lovely in the fit.  I also have a couple of pair of 30 denier stockings called Serena 30 that really look old school and are very durable, but my new favourites are undoubtedly the Cromye 20 in Glace or Nero.  They are so sexy on the leg when held taught with a good quality 6-8 strap garter.  Such a classic style.  They exude glamour for an everyday priced item.

  • Nice.

  • Carrie your legs are incredibly gorgeous! I love the color of your pantyhose!

  • @Jackie Thanks Jackie.  I think those stockings are in Dore or Glace.  Pretty sure that's the Glace shade.


  • Wow, Very sexy pantyhose, love see reinforced heel 

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