Getting Women Back into Pantyhose

  • @Janine J Oh Janine...slide over a little on that soapbox so I can climb up with you.  I have a major personal pet peeve about the "mangling of the English language" absolutely annoys me to no end how inundated we are with illiterates who don't seem to have ever attended an English grammar class beyond grade 2 (8 year old level).  It makes me absolutely crazy when I try to understand what someone is attempting to convey in the written form when there is no use of punctuation, capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, or when a proper noun is used, let alone spelling issues of all sorts.  I'm so disappointed to realize the internet is inhabited by such ilk.  And it's absolutely pervasive.  It all comes under the umbrella you appropriately described as "Declining standards in every area of life that involves interaction with other humans".  That's bang on!

    Your observation about commuting train passengers is the same here in North America.  Opaque unattractive tights are commonplace whenever a woman is wearing a skirt or dress.  I honestly think it looks hideous, and beyond simply inapproriate for legwear, particularly in mild temperatures.  They must think it's fashionable, yet you'll hear the same women raging against sheer nude shade tights,  labelling them as your "granny's stockings"!  It's beyond ridiculous what passes for fashion sense, or  taste, in some people!  I hope it's just this fashion backwater of a major western city that exhibits this level of fashion ignorance, but I somehow suspect it's more widespread than just this cow town.

    Since the time I transferred here as a career move, I've never been impressed with how the locals dress, even for somewhat classy events, like going to the symphony on a Saturday night to hear the  orchestra.  Guys would show up in chino denim pants with a button up shirt, no tie and a blazer that doesn't come close to matching or coordinating with their ill chosen pants.  And women don't exactly break out the ball gowns or cute little cocktail dresses and pretty high heels for the occasion, either.  I was shocked, when as a relative newcomer to this city, the first time I attended with a girlfriend, she and I were so overdressed compared to the locals that we looked like a couple of debutantes in our finest at the father daughter gala!!  In Montreal where I grew up, none of the "gentlemen" who wore casual slacks and mismatched blazers would ever be allowed in for the Montreal Symphony.  They'd simply be refused entry.  But it was not only acceptable in this city, but default attire to attend the philharmonic...despite the orchestra themselves being fully decked out in tuxedos and the women in long elegant dresses.  That experience wasn't even in recent times...It was back in the early 90s, well before "casual Friday" work attire days, and the genesis of a relaxed corporate dress code that spread quickly through industry.
    To me, shoddy dressing speaks of a lack of respect.  Period.  They don't respect themselves enough to try to do better, and they certainly aren't showing any respect for the establishment or the traditions and customs associated with the event itself when they show up like they're just going out for a beer with their friends at a local watering hole.

  • @Bob Smith 

    Hello Bob,

    What a lovely, charming, and touching post.  Bless your sister, and bless you for bringing happiness to her day. That dear girl!       Kindness.  If only, if ONLY, there were more acts of kindness , wouldn't the world be a much much better place?  To give and to receive kindness makes both giver and receiver feel better. 

    Regarding her bladder control, has she sought advice on the subject?  I am no expert, but I believe pelvic floor exercises can help.  I feel sure, and hope, that she can improve her condition. Urge her to try, if she hasn't already done so, please. 

    Do encourage her pantyhose wearing. Compliments can work wonders!  Control top - if she doesn't need that feature, she really should choose sheer to waist.  SO much nicer, and so much sexier than tights with reinforcement in the panty area. Then, no matter how short the skirt or dress, or whether it rides up to give a naughty but delightful glimpse of upper thigh, the appearance remains flawless and captivating. 

    Hoping to hear more about your sister, Bob.

    Janine xx


  • @Bob Smith I forgot to add - i read somewhere that a vitamin deficiency, usually B1, I believe, can affect the nerves related to the bladder, causing urgency and leakage.  Perhaps your sister knows all this, but I - being one who puts faith in cures using natural methods - think it would be worth her time in looking into this.  I must point out that I am not qualified in medical issues, but I hope she can find something to help her condition. xx     

  • I am one of the lucky ones I suppose as my wife now 47 has wore pantyhose all her life with me .
    Even now going out she has some comments from the younger generation about how good she looks when walking by them on the train while wearing a little dress and sheer black pantyhose so even the younger generation still like the look so god knows why the younger girls don't wear them as muc. They are usually wearing opaque which is nothing wrong with that but a sheer just looks so much sexier.

  • My wife pantyhose/ sister bare leg . Yes the difference is so sexy

  • @Bob Smith Lovely! x

  • A few thoughts on Carrie's and Janine's excellent comments: I think society as a whole is in a state of depression, and has been for decades.  In this environment, men and women are dressing like slobs, and those who buck the trend (women in particular) quite often suffer the consequences.

    Women who wore pantyhose habitually in the past (because that's what everyone else was doing at the time), and who shun them today (because that's what everyone else is doing today) are showing themselves to be nothing more than lemmings, and are proving themselves incapable of thinking for themselves, either now or in the past.

    Men are no strangers to this, either.  I'm a guy, but I won't dress like other men (who dress like slobs, in general) just because other men are doing it and getting away with it.  I have my own mind (thank you very much), and I'm not afraid to use it.  As such, I dress better than most men in society.  I like the attention I get from women, and the greater level of respect I get from society as a whole.

    (Ladies?  Are you paying attention?)

    Carrie mentioned Tayor Swift. I may be the only living person on the planet who has never heard a single note of her music, but the photos I have seen of her give me hope that the younger generation of women might seriously consider adding pantyhose to their wardrobe because she looks so incredible wearing them!

    Taylor Swift in Pantyhose

    Taylor Swift on stage in pantyhose

    Taylor Swift in black pantyhose

    Thank you, Taylor, (and all the other ladies out there) for being yourself, for using your head, and for leading the way toward getting more women back into pantyhose!

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  • I've never taken a marketing class in my life, but I'd like to share for discussion some thoughts about marketing for the purpose of getting women back into pantyhose.

    My earliest recollections of women's hosiery are those of stockings.  Except for them being thigh-high and sheer, they were essentially analogous to men's socks with the addition of requiring an array of clips and clamps to hold them up.

    When pantyhose came on the scene, they were marketed as a modern improvement over this old-fashioned system of belts and suspenders that also eliminated the need for underwear.

    In other words, pantyhose manufacturers effectively:

    1. Indentified the problems in wearing stockings, and
    2. Offered effective solutions to correct the problems


    Next on the list was making pantyhose more widely available to women.  Hosiery had traditionally been sold exclusively in department stores, but women visited supermarkets far more often than they visited department stores.

    The solution?

    L'eggs came up with their "Super Stretch" pantyhose that could fit inside novel egg-shaped containers. L'eggs could be placed on their specially designed display cases, separate from all the other items on supermarket shelves, where they could be easily seen and browsed.

    L'eggs Display

    (I'm sure the shape of the display case did wonders to catch women's eyes, too, if not consciously, then perhaps subconsciously.)  😉

    From that point forward, things took off and it was just a matter of hosiery manufacturers competing against one another, or one offering a new style that offered new benefits over an older offering made by the same company.

    In any case, the effective marketing process was the same:

    1. Identify the problem
    2. Offer the solution


    With arm's length availability and such ease of use, pantyhose sales soared, and women's choices increased as their use became a daily occurrence.  In fact, the volume of options may have become overwhelming, and so "No Nonsense" came along to simplify the miriad of choices.  Later, they also introduced the cotton-lined crotch for added comfort.

    As other successful companies had done before, No Nonsense:

    1. Identified the problems, and
    2. Offered the solutions


    Despite the overwhelming success and acceptance of pantyhose among women and society in general for decades, with no more problems to solve and no more solutions to offer, the whole industry crashed and burned without warning.

    There are plenty of theories as to how and why this happened, but in essence:

    1. Pantyhose were identified as being the problem, and
    2. The solution was to go with bare legs, pants, and panties instead


    Pantyhose fell victim of the same basic marketing technique that was largely responsible for its success and growth in the first place.  But, it wasn't due to a competing commercial product, just a competing fashion philosophy that was based on the empty virtues of being lazy and dressing like a slob.

    How do we get out of this mess?


    1. Identify bare legs, pants, panties, panty lines, cold weather, and over air conditioned / under heated offices as being problems (for example), and
    2. Offer pantyhose as an attractive solution


    The vast majority of pantyhose ads today don't do this.  Instead, they seem to target women who are already sold on the idea of wearing them and only need to decide what to buy.  The ads do a good job of letting women know what they'll be getting themselves into (literally), and the provocative descriptions and imagery used attracts a lot of attention from men -- to the extent that men want to buy them and wear them themselves!

    Getting women interested in buying and wearing pantyhose in today's climate could be as simple and as subtle as this magazine photo effectively illustrated in the 1970s:

    Gentlemen Prefer Hanes

    Or as straight-to-the-point as this graphic:Don't Be a Skank

    Born out of disgust, at least it identifies the problem and offers a solution.

    Think it can't work?  Consider why bottled water and cellphones are so common in today's culture. It's not due to any societal demand or lack of water or telephones, but because someone at some point identified tap water and landlines as problems (they weren't) and offered seemingly attractive solutions that (whether true or not) society bought into, hook, line, and sinker.

    Today it seems we can't live without either one of them, just like women couldn't live without pantyhose a few decades ago.

    1. Identify the problem
    2. Offer the solution


    Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?


  • I don't know about everyone else, but my girlfriend still wears pantyhose and I think there's nothing wrong with that.

  • @Justin Howard so does my wife every time we go out

  • @scott j I think there will be more women like that in the near future.

  • Why isn't freedom of choice ok for women?  

    "I'm a man who grew up at a time"... that is 2 different things. You are a man who has respect for others. Childhood is over.

    "Getting Women"... through force, coersion, or any other means is not respectting the freedom of women (or any person).

    To know the exact time frame you want to go back to, your female relatives of that generation would be a good history lesson.  Do they still wear the same style hose as then?... if yes or no, that would be your story.

    But to be mad at women of current era is not likely a good plan.

    To see these hose worn by everyone... you might buy a few 100 pairs and leave them outside stores that women shop at. With a "free" sign on them.  No one wants to waste money on items they are not into, and that snag (aka end up in landfill) after 1 or 2 wears.  But expecting random people to owe you something? No.



  • @JA " look so much better"  to whom?


  • @JA   The KK family is kaka. 

    The do anything for money... which makes them ___

  • JustMe3746 M asked:

    "Why isn't freedom of choice ok for women?"

    What freedom and what choice are women exercising when they all (for the most part) think and act in unison?

    When women question whether or not it is okay to wear pantyhose in today's society it is because of they are insecure.  Many women are afraid of wearing them out of fear of being judged negatively, not by men, but by other women.

    There have been on-line discussions taking place on fashion websites for years where this apparent dilemma is often debated.  Predominate in these discussions are the pantyhose "haters" who berate the more curious and open-minded women by constantly re-circulating the old and tired falsehoods that pantyhose are out-of-date, uncomfortable, too delicate, part of a corporate uniform, and are symbolic of women's oppression in society.

    Why can't women be free to wear what they want without having to seek the approval of other women first?  Why can't women be free to wear what they want without the constant fear being judged negatively by other women, or being indoctrinated into the pantyhose haters club?

    If the decision to be made is a forgone conclusion, no "freedom of choice" is being exercised.

    ""Getting Women"... through force, coersion, or any other means is not respectting the freedom of women (or any person)."

    Women who hate pantyhose speak very loudly and proudly about their discontent and aren't afraid of using coersion, shaming, or any other means to get other women to stop wearing them.

    Have their messages of hate been effective?  Just look around.  By spreading their hate, these women are not respecting the freedom of other women.

    Hatred is taught.  The pure hatred some women have for pantyhose was, in all likelyhood, passed down to them from other women.  It was NOT the result of women having an open mind or a "freedom of choice".

    "But expecting random people to owe you something? No."

    If women (or men) today decided to suddenly stop brushing their teeth, would it be expecting too much to ask them to consider changing their behavior by pointing out a time not long ago when dental hygiene was actually popular, desirable, and beneficial to their well-being?

    Would YOU like smelling bad breath everywhere you go?

    "" look so much better"  to whom?"

    Pretty much any human being having an open mind, and a normal brain and eyesight.

    If pantyhose didn't improve women's appearances, their incredible popularity and universal acceptance over so many decades would have NEVER happened.

    To believe otherwise would be to admit that women are nothing more than lemmings who simply copy the behaviors of other women they see in society because they are incapable of thinking independently for themselves.

    Where's the "freedom of choice" if you're behaving like a witless copycat?

    From my perspective, seeing a woman wear pantyhose symbolizes grace, class, elegance, professionalism, and femininity.

    No woman should ever feel ashamed of extolling these qualities, and no man should ever have to apologize for appreciating them and wanting to see more women embracing them in today's society where they are sorely lacking and deeply missed.

  • JustMe3746 M wrote:

    "To know the exact time frame you want to go back to, your female relatives of that generation would be a good history lesson.  Do they still wear the same style hose as then?... if yes or no, that would be your story."

    No comparison.  Today's pantyhose are better than ever before.

    "To see these hose worn by everyone... you might buy a few 100 pairs and leave them outside stores that women shop at. With a "free" sign on them.  No one wants to waste money on items they are not into, and that snag (aka end up in landfill) after 1 or 2 wears."

    Women of today are more capable than you think.  All the fashion girlies are donning pantyhose now:




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