• just received my order and wore my new pantyhose last nite. Cecilia de Rafael make such nice hose. I felt so sexy wearing them, my legs had a nice shine and felt so silky.


  • hmmmmmm is it not always a happy day when a shapings parcel arrives 😍

  • In my opinion CdR makes the most elegant hosiery that surpasses Wolford.

  • I have to agree with Todd CDR pantyhose are amazing 

  • Placed an order of Eterno 15 from CdR from Shapings and eagerly waiting for them to arrive so I can experience amazing hosiery.

  • @Anna Cuza I don't wear the crotchless variety in CdR Vidrio, but I wear them in 15 denier sheer to waist style, in addition to Vidrio stockings, which have been a go-to for a few years now.  I really love the pantyhose but a word of caution to those putting them on for the first time.  I find them to be a little delicate.  I don't usually have to don my hosiery gloves to put on most pantyhose (usually only reserved for extremely sheer stockings) but this is a time when I clearly should have. 
    While gently sliding the Vidrios up my thighs, I managed to poke a hole with my thumb nail through the back of the leg of my right side above my knee.  I was so pissed at myself!  My nails are long but always smooth and I'm very careful as a result when putting on sheer hosiery.  I was able to get them off again without extending the run too much and was able to rescue them with some clear nail polish.  I'll wear them with mid length or midi skirts from now until they end up more damaged from normal wear and tear.
    These Vidrio pantyhose are one of the very few models by CdR that come with a visible reinforced toe area.  I actually like that look despite my pretty pedicure being somewhat concealed.  They instill confidence that my pointed toe stilettos won't cause damage to the toes of my pantyhose.
    These are in the shade Moreno, which is darker than I normally wear.  But I find with glossy hosiery, there is a lot of light reflected off them and that translates into a lighter shade than had they been matte.

  • hmmmmm lovely pic 

  • hi, I like the visible reinforced toe area and the gloss when wearing them. I just ordered the CdR Vidrio pantyhose with seams. I like wearing them on chic nite on cruises and when we go out dancing. You look great.

  • well i must agree there are times when seeing a reinforced toes are huge turn on , with that said i do like both also 

  • Great hose paired perfectly with black leather. Very sexy!

  • Gorgeous hose and also the reinforced toes are very sexy 

  • @Anna Cuza What model of Vidrio are those?  I can't find them on the Shapings website.  The only CdR pantyhose with backseams I have found here are Park Avenue (very sexy pantyhose) and the crazy expen$ive ZERO backseam pantyhose.

  • Beautiful hose and heels

  • @Sandra Insheerhose 

    love to see more ....

  • oh my what a lovely pic , and a jean skirt also my favs 

  • nothing wrong with going bare foot in nylons Carrie , and yes i did notice your run what a shame 

  • oh my carrie, if i was at the same house party i wouldnt be able too take my eyes off your feet , i would be losing my mind wondering what the rest of you looked like in a nice pair of pantyhose , pantyhose ladys like you are few and far apart these days what a shame 

  • The lovely pedicure in perfect black pantyhose is hot and sexy!

  • I just received a pair of Vidrio Crotchless. Very convenient for me. I generally dont wear hose under 20 D but they are nice.

  • @Brian Heels I really don't like anything crotchless, but I am a fan of Vidrio pantyhose and stockings.  Yes, the 15 denier legs are really nice, aren't they?  So very soft and sheer with a touch of shine.  For an inexpensive product, CdR has achieved a really good balance with the creation of the Vidrio line.

    These are Vidrio in black.

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