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  • While reading through the posts and looking through the photos here on the forum, It got me wondering as to how many of us men wear openly in public. I personally wear everyday all year long, and during the summer, I'm in shorts and nude or tan pantyhose every day, and go about my daily business. I can honestly say that I've seen people looking, but never had a negative comment directed towards me.  
    It would be great to hear some of your experiences, and it would also give us males here on the forum an idea as to how many of us wear openly, since there aren't any statistics on the subject. 

  • JB you are right on. I wear pantyhose almost every day. I wear them in public and have never received a negative comment. I have had men and women tell me my legs look great. Men and women have rubbed my legs and love the silky hose I am wearing. The men are always courteous and have more questions about the hosiery.  There is no greater feeling than wearing your favorite pair of pantyhose in public. All of the hosiery I purchase is from shapings.

  • There is a great deal of truth to what Jeff and JB experience while openly wearing pantyhose in public. Likewise I have had both men and women compliment me on my legs as well as the outfit I am wearing. I usually dress in Daisey Duke shorts with various styles and colors of pantyhose from floral lace, fishnets, and glossy sheer. I also include 6" to 8" high heels as part of the outfit. Just yesterday I went shopping for high heels and pantyhose and I hardly crossed the threshold into the store when a lady complimented on my sexy outfit which consisted of black mini skirt, black pantyhose that combined sheer hose with fishnets and a sleevesless black and white leopard print tank top. I agree that it is a great feeling to wear hosiery openly in public.

  • @Jeff T Can I ask you what brand and colour or shade do you wear?

  • @Bobbi Xdresser I would be glad to tell you what I wear. Ibici Opaque 30 pantyhose. In nature, argil, and fume. I also wear Le Bourget velvet touch 30 in bronze and noir Colors. I love both brands of pantyhose. I think you will love them too! They are very silky sexy pantyhose to wear anytime! If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me.




  • It seems like everyone's posts so far have had nothing but positive experiences. Just goes to show that most of the fears of wearing pantyhose in public are in our own minds, not so much in the minds of others.  Obviously, other factors such as support from family and friends, our personal confidence level, and how we present ourselves in public, are just some of the contributing factors. There are more I'm sure, but it's great to see that a few of us have overcome  whatever obstacles we had in the past, and have progressed forward.  Hopefully this thread  can inspire others to do the same.

  • I will wear hose with shorts and regular shoes day in and day out. I do not wear heels or skirts.  I have yet to have anyone say anything.  And I believe that MAYBE 3 people noticed in the past 2 years. I have been in many different Hooters without being noticed AT ALL. Very surprising to me.  I wear pretty much everything from Leggs, to CDR's.  Mostly suntan shades. 

    I do not make it a point to be noticed.  I just do my normal things while in shorts and hose.  Thats all.

    I will get a couple pics posted later of my daily look.

  • I Wear pantyhose with shorts and shoes at times while other times I will wear high heels with the outfit and many times will not receive much attention.

  • Hi I too started wearing pantyhose openly with shorts when I hike the Bruce trails never any negative comments  had a few looks but nothing said

  • well i must say all of the above are very brave , i too need too make that step , ive shaved my legs for yrs and wear shorts out and about , and very few have made comment , a couple lady friends have commented on how nice my legs look , just need too take it too the next step now 

  • It's great to hear we're making progress with wearing pantyhose openly in public. Long idealized as a "women's only " garment, the tables seem to be turning in our favour, albeit slowly. It really is just another article of clothing choice that both sexes can enjoy and benefit from. Legs are legs, no matter what sex they're attached to. 

  • I agree @J B society is shifting their attitude about men wearing women's fashion and keeping a tolerable if not accepting mindset towards men wearing pantyhose.

  • @Todd S A modern example of the "tables turning " towards fashion, ( and there are a few.)  is English singer/songwriter Harry Styles. He openly wears what he wants, and doesn't put clothing in any sort of male/female category. He just likes what he likes. Hats off to Harry, and those like him.

  • I have chronic venous insufficiency so I have to wear support PH daily.  While DK does not make support products, I have found support PH that have a level of shiny extremely close to what is posted here.   The thing I like most is the fit, the panty part goes right at my waist.   Some of the other brands the panty section goes so high that I could use my foundation garment to help hold it up. 

    As for wearing in public,  I live in AZ.  So wearing them with shorts are, more or less survival in the heat of summer.  I have only had one reaction, from an African American who gave me the once over with a facial expression.  I was wearing a black pair of black support PH and they have a shiny appearance.   I have had some women comment on how good my legs look.  I was in sports in HS and college; that is the only part of me that still looks like they did in college. 

  • @Jamie Smiths Hi Jamie-I too have chronic venous insufficiency from wearing workboots and standing on concrete for 35+ years. I completely understand. That's how I ended up here on the forum in the first place-I was curious as to whether or not I should wear openly in public, or keep it hidden. It was here that I realized I wasn't the only one wearing, and wanting to wear in public, so I got up the courage and support from family and friends to wear openly.  I wear prescription medical grade compression pantyhose as well, but only in cooler weather. During the summer months, they are far too hot to wear. I have the comfort for men pantyhose from Shapings, and they fit and wear well, but I wish they had more skin tone options available. My legs look so out of place compared to the tan on the rest of my body during the summer, so I'll wear regular pantyhose instead that offer many shades  throughout the summer to better match my skin tone as my tan deepens.  Here are a few more  reasons for wearing regular pantyhose in the summer with shorts: (1) they are lighter, therefore cooler.-(2)they hide the blemishes on my lower legs where the blood pooling has left permanent marks.- (3)I have many more options for skin tone shades than compression pantyhose-(4) during the summer, no chafing between the thighs, and my feet don't sweat and stick to my shoes when I'm wearing pantyhose. (5) I figure some sort of compression during the summer months in regular pantyhose is better than none at all.

    I also like the freedom of a skirt, and the many choices of fashion that the ladies have compared to male fashion. I have no problem around the house wearing my pantyhose, skirts, and occasionally shoes or boots, but I won't go out in public this way out of respect for my family- they're just not ready for that yet. I have no desire, nor could I ever pass as a woman-I'm just not physically  built or wired that way, but I do like having options other than the stereotypical male clothing, and have started experimenting  with different styles of pantyhose and clothing to express myself. It's just  a part of who I am. 

  • @J B Thanks for the info. I absolutely agree with his view wearing what he wants and not placing clothes in any male/female category.

  • Waiting in an office to get info for my next load.  I drive a truck, so I go pretty much everywhere.   Currently outside Toledo by an airport with fighter jets doing some training.


    Eterno 20s in Moreno

  • Great Legs, glossy smooth!

  • Like absolutely everyday everywhere!

  • Fantastic!👍

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