0D pantyhose

  • Hi everyone,

    Did any of you guys hose expert have tried those 0D pantyhose. Yes, they are from China. I am not a big fan because the quality is really not there but I was so curious I bought 2 pairs and they were 3.79$ each. I was so surprise how silky they were. I don't know what kind of yarn they used but I could rub my legs agains each other and they were sliding like it was satin. They were Chinese made so really too short for me but again never saw a pantyhose that soft and silky like satin. Anybody tried them? Any major brand planning to come out with something like these? Finally what is the silkiest brand have you ever tried?


  • Yes seen cheap pantyhose from china on eBay tried a couple and they were both extremely short. Seems to be a thing . I have tried the velotine 0 pantyhose and they were nice but I didn't think they felt special in any way. Kunert mystique 5 are velvety smooth and very elastic but the few pairs I have had never lasted long. The mystique 20 Feel very similar and look more 15 denier but to me they feel velvety smooth and hug your legs and they last . The only other ones I like at the moment are the calzedonia 8 denier ladder resistant which are super smooth and just feel  like velvet on your legs just amazing. J

  • Hello merge fruit, I bought a pair of 0d pantyhose on Amazon last week. They are very shiny, sheer to the max with plenty of room (6’/170 lbs) goes up to chest,. Plus they look and feel hot af. Have had a couple of days and no tears, rips or other worn issues. You’ll have to wash first as they have a strong odor from manufacturing. So satisfied bought another pair.


  • Some of the China styles do feel so amazing, but sizing always seems to be an issue.

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