Help with fitting support pantyhose

  • I have to wear support hose for varicose veins. I currently wear support men's knee highs, but want to wear pantyhose sometimes. I really don't want to look like a dork with my knee highs and shorts in the summer. I'm ok with wearing pantyhose with shorts. We'll see how my wife reacts of course. 

    My issue is fitting the hose to my 6ft, 200 lb guy body. My fear is the tight waistband that cuts into my natural waist, at 39 inches. I'm not heavy, but the years have added a little. Still wear 34 pants, but they sit lower. Robert at Shapings has suggested several very nice items and they look pretty good in that size 5. I probably will order a couple pair, but I wonder if any of the guys have experience with such fittings in the support world. 



  • I had support pantyhose and yes they can be a bitch getting on but if you scrunch them up and pull over the ankle first it's not to bad still a task though. A tip that might help you get them on is wet your hands then gently grub them up your legs I do this with any pantyhose that are hard to get fully up it's definitely helps but again don't be to hasty putting them on. 
    I sold mines and binned the others though they just didn't have that sort silky feeing that I like. I just like trying different types of pantyhose.

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