Eterno's sagging in front of ankles

  • Is there anyone else besides me that has this problem? I can be wearing them for 15 minutes and here comes the sagging in front of the ankles. I mostly wear 20 Lucido, I've tried pulling them tighter. I've also tried cuffing the toe seam under my foot. My Eterno's fit well every where but in that area.

    Any suggestions? I might have to depart from the Eterno line


  • @HighHeelDrea I don't wear the CdR Eterno 20s nor the Lucido 20s, but have noticed in general that really shiny glossy pantyhose often does that.  That's just 1 of the reasons I don't wear super shiny hosiery.  I suspect, though, if you opted for a lower denier, the effect of bagging and sagging might be less visually apparent.  20 denier is fairly heavy and opaque when it comes to ultra shiny types.  There's  so much light shining off them that it makes them less sheer and transparent looking.  I think the high shine actually amplifies the appearance of any wrinkles.  The backs of knees is another area you'll quickly notice any wrinkling, or what appears to be sagging.  I think it's just a natural characteristic of very shiny hosiery.

  • @Carrie Stuart thanks for your input. I'm currently looking for a new replacement for the Eterno line. I'm looking into the Platino Frappe line. The fit and comfort is amazing in the 12 denier Matt. I'm waiting for the 15 denier glossy to arrive. I also like this hosiery because the cater to tall people (that is hard to find). 

  • Yes, it does on all Eterno's no matter the Super Lucido or the normal Eterno..

    It does the same when I currently trying those super shiny pantyhose bought from China. 

    Platino cleancut may be better, but since Cdr intruduces their own clean cut, I haven't worn Platino for ages.

  • @HighHeelDrea I think shavings your legs will help with the bunching at the front ankle area.

  • @D@D legs are always shaved and I use lotion. 

  • @S H I'm finally learning comfort in hosiery. After many many years of wearing them. I just recently had the most comfortable hose I've ever worn (Platino Frappe 12 matte). I think I'm done with Eterno's 

  • High heel Dra Platino frappe matte 10 are really smooth as well love them all tough my new favourite are the kunert mystique line the 5 denier are smooth but the 20 denier are really soft I am leaning more towards the 20 denier due to the lovely texture but love the sheerness of the 5 denier  .

  • @scott j Hey Scott, the hosiery looks nice on you. I am all over the Frappe line. I'm wait for some more Frappe's to come in the mail. I have to look into the Kunert line. My biggest problem is find hosiery that is long enough and wide enough to get over these thighs and still be comfortable. Thanks for your input 

  • @S H I still love Eternos Super Lucido 20 and 10

    But recently, I am more into the Seamless pantyhose. Feel fantanstic especially when you wear it without underware. 

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