New favourite leggings with my favourite pantyhose

  • Nike pro core leggings . Reading reviews on these people think they are too thin and nearly see through but that's a plus point lol . And now the sun is out I can wear them outside with my favourite oroblu Devine 10 . These are in nude as I have a few pairs but the sun are more a natural colour for me but I need to wear them . What's your thoughts on leggings ?

  • Sooooo soft

  • Great pictures! As for leggings I like all kinds and I always pair them with pantyhose. Lately I've been getting into the transparent leggings with an "oil" shine to them. I also have a couple of pairs that are footless panyhose. Shapings has some on the last page of their "Leggings" category, the only thing about those are that they are short and ride up my legs. I like for my leggings to rest at my ankle bone and no higher. Thanks for sharing.@scott j 

  • Leggings are my go-to for comfort and style! I've tried various brands and found that thinner ones can be great for warmer weather. Plus, it's cool that you can rock them with your favorite Oroblu Devine 10. The natural color sounds perfect for a sunny day. When it comes to buying Nike or other brands of clothes online, I've had good experiences with They've got a wide selection to choose from.

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