Kunert mystique 5 vs 20 questions

  • Are the 20 denier as soft and silky smooth as the 5 denier . 
    bought the 5 denier kunert mystique 5 amaizingly soft would love to try the 20 s if they are similar 

  • Hi Scott, 

    I happen to have both and so I put the 5's on one leg and the 20's on the other. I have to say that the 5's are just a tad silkier but the difference is very slight. To be honest I do prefer the 5's. I had noticed that the 5's have been out of stock for a while and so I asked Robert when we might be getting more and he said that Kunert was discontinuing them unfortunately. I couldn't believe it, those ph are awesome. I'm quite dissapointed. I hope that Kunert will come out with something similar in the future. 😞  




  • @Hoser got a pair of kunert mystique 20 to try today . Wow just velvety smooth . Another style to add to my just love these collection. Need to get another couple of pairs

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