Any chance on Recruit an Asian Model for photo shooting?

  • Photographer did well on a Chinese lady who wear CdR Eterno Pois 15D


  • Honestly, Stanley, these shots don't look like anything professionally done.  They come off as simply "boyfriend photos".  That's the kind of stuff some guys do with a camera or phone when they think they have a "hot" girlfriend.

    I understand a thing or 2 about commercial and fashion photography, because I did it for a dozen years, on runways and in the studio, and on location, using large strobes, umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, and scrims, assistants, make up artists, wardrobe providers, stylists and creative directors to get just the right "feel" to the work we were doing.

    I'm not sure what the marketing angle is here, nor how these shots would sell a product to whatever segment of the market they are targetting, quite honestly.  FWIW, I'm not even a fan of the look of these pantyhose.  CdR calls them "pois".  In French, that means "peas".  If anything they look more like measles or chicken pox on her legs!

  • @Carrie Stuart This is why I suggest to find an Asian model to make a next set.

    CdR do look good on Asian woman, but most pic I have seen, are Erostic pic....

    The pic I post was the fist few part of a Erostic pic set....

    Share two more.....



  • @Carrie Stuart

  • @D Not even going to bother to read the article.  Couldn't give a rat's a** about pois tights.  They're about as attractive to me as Birkenstock sandals or Doc Martin boots.

  • I was taught at a very young age that if you can't say something nice....then don't say anything at all!

  • My wife said dots are cool . 🤘

  • @scott j Dots are cool.

  • And they look great on her!

  • Agreed they do look great on her.

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