Compression leggings and oroblu pearl 15

  • I know it's not pantyhose but they are soft snug and feel nice on especially with my nude oroblu pearl 15 Underneath. Great for walking in this weather. You definitely need your layers lol

  • I do the exact same thing when it's cold out. I find the pantyhose helps keep "things" in place without any panty lines. 

  • Yeah, leggings are awesome, love wearing them over pantyhose.

  • They are nice and warm. It is bitterly cold in Houston right now!

  • @Jackie LoL...You're saying bitterly cold and Houston in the same sentence on a Canadian website!!  LMAO...come on up here for a week and you might fully appreciate the term "bitterly cold".

    A resident in the Great White North.  😆

  • Since you know everything. I am sure this will be no surprise to you. In Houston we had a low temperature of 18° but our humidity is 75%. The humidity in Canada is a fraction of that. So come down here and find out what cold is with high humidity.

  • @Jackie 18* F...let me do a little conversion to Celcius degrees, the kind we work in.  The freezing point of water is 32*F.  In Celcius degrees it is 0*C.  A Celcius degree is 9/5 the size of a Fahrenheit degree.  That woud be (32 - 18) X 5/9 = C* temperature or about -8*C.  As I type this we're sitting at a balmy -18*C or about half a degree below ZERO on the Fahrenheit scale.  And our relative humidity is at 78% right now.
    I know everything is Texas is bigger...but really??

  • didnthink my post would turn int0 a weather lesson lol

  • @scott j It's more about a lesson about how ridiculous hyperbole is.

  • The news is usually on before the weather forecast...I guess I missed it. lol

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