Ibici Acquamarina Extra Light 15 denier pantyhose

  • I went out Wednesday night, the day after Boxing Day, to watch our local Flames hockey club play on a big screen at a local pub.  I debated and hesitated demonstrating my fandom, and decided in the end NOT to wear my jersey.  I made the right call, as it turned out, as the Flames managed to lose the game 2-1 despite having outshot the Kraken by a fierce margin.  (38-21)  We also won twice as many faceoffs, too.  (36-18)  But despite outplaying Seattle in just about every way, we came up one goal short of even getting a tie in regulation.  
    In our losing cause, I at least didn't have to perform "the walk of shame" while wearing my Flames jersey.  Instead, I wore a stylish leather skirt and a black form fitting top with a fancy cardigan over it, and of course, a pair of my favoured Italian brand pantyhose...Ibici Acquamarina Extra Light 15s in Bronzage.  Suprisingly, they are not as dark as the name might suggest.  Due to their sheerness and lovely satin finish, they appeared quite transparent and very attractive, if I do say so myself.
    But you be the judge.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing Carrie. Stunningly beautiful as always! Love the shadow toe of those pantyhose. 

  • Oh, what a super outfit, Carrie. I love it all! I feel sure that, whether or not you were aware of it, many, many glances were cast in your direction, more than likely with some naughty thoughts going on behind those glances! x

  • @Anna CD Hi Anna...Thank you for your kindness.  That reinforced toe is fairly sheer because it's made from 100% nylon, and is therefore different from the rest of the leg and foot areas.  I don't really like a very opaque toe in hosiery because I usually have a nice pedicure and polish on my toes.  That effort is moot when the stockings you're wearing are very heavily reinforced in that area.
    But I DO prefer a reinforced style than a sandalfoot, invisibly reinforced, or not adequately reinforced type.  I primarily wear pointed toe stiletto heels, and that can put a lot of stress on the toe areas.  Despite always having well maintained nails, it is still not too difficult to run through a beautiful pair of ultra sheers, or even a 20 denier for that matter, in that sort of shoe.  I do have some styles that have a completely transparent nude toe, but those are primarily worn by me in summer months when I'm in a stiletto open toe heel/sandal.  But I also find you can cheat the system a little with a reinforced toe such as these, IF you position the cross strap across your toes where the transition between the reinforced and sheer areas join.  It's actually quite difficult to notice a colour or texture difference between your toes and the foot of the stocking as long as that transition line remains under the band of the shoe.

  • @Janine J LoL...it is primarily the high heels, I think, that call attention to ones self.  I walked into a fairly noisy nearly full pub last night but several heads turned the moment I crossed the floor past the front part of the bar looking for an available table.  I'm pretty sure they heard my stilettos on the composite flooring.  I was suddenly aware of the sounds my 4 inch stilettos were making above the dull roar of the crowd and music.
    As I took my long wool dress coat off and hung it over the back of my chair, I could feel many eyes still on me.  It was a bit unnerving, and took me by surprise, really.  I quickly climbed up on the elevated swivel wooden chair with arm rests and focused my attention on the large screen tv in front of me in an effort avoid eye contact with anyone.
    Perhaps later on, my legs came more into focus and caught a few glances but initially I'm certain it was the familiar (or perhaps not so familiar or common) sound of skinny stiletto heels walking on a hard surface that caused a bit of an interruption.  I honestly try to fly under the radar, especially when entering a public venue that already has people in it.  I'm never the one who wants to be the centre of attention...ever!  It makes me pretty uncomfortable and somewhat wary as to what is going on, or about to happen.

  • @Carrie Stuart Oooh Carrie!  To me, that sound of dainty stilleto heels is so sexy! Whilst I understand your unease at having many eyes looking in your direction, at the same time it must have thrilled you. There is no doubt whatsoever that most people will have been impressed - in this world of ever more androgynous dressing - by your feminine attire.  Once you had been present in the room for a while, I'll bet many people stole a glance or two at your gorgeous legs, tights, and heels.

    I just LOVE that last photo in particular! Oh my goodness, those heels are so gorgeous. I adore the design of the rear and the strap  area, and your sexy pose.

    Jan xx

  • @Janine J Too kind, Janine.  Thank you.  I remember when some women used to take their stilettos in to the cobbler and actually get metal heel tips put on just so they "could" draw attention to themselves.  I dunno...some girls were probably drawing more attention than they could handle.  I was never that girl.
    Certainly it's nice to see an appreciative smile relating to ones attire, but ogling and staring is just not appreciated by me, or probably most women.  It seems that because I'm one of the very few now who still wear stilettos and stockings, (sheer hosiery in general) it really gets noticed as an anomoly and, unfortunately for me, that extra focus the audience has on me makes me extremely uncomfortable.  

    Oh, you like those open strappy type stilettos?  For some reason a lot of guys seem to like that style more than a more conventional classic court shoe, or what we in North America refer to as a "pump".  I hardly ever wear them because they're a *bitch* to wear and walk in for any real amount of time.  They really are a "posing" heel...something you wear when you have chauffeur service, door to door, and a high bar stool waiting for you on which to perch.  Even routine trips to the washroom in certain establishments can be challenging in those, particularly after a couple of tall glasses of wine.  There's little ankle support, (except a thin strap) and minimal heel support, in that style of shoe in order to offset any wobble or instability because of the height and skinniness of the heel.  Strictly a summer shoe, and only under certain conditions.

    I will be receiving some gorgeous new heels within the next week following New Year's day.  They will be  arriving from Italy...2 distinctly different pairs by the same manufacturer who only twice a year puts on a pretty good 40-50% off sale on selected models and colours...just a fraction of their entire line, but much appreciated by women everywhere who enjoy exotic European designer heels, and who can find their quickly sold out size in a desired model.  I always have to act fast because my size is very popular.  I'm the equivalent of a size 6 UK  (38.5 EUR or 8.5 US) and currently own only one pair by that company, and wear them very  sparingly because they're so gorgeous and rather unique.  I want them to last and not end up damaged by casual wearing at some pub.  They cannot be replaced.  

  • @Carrie Stuart Ooh yes, I love those open strappy stilettos.  I'm sure you look fabulous wearing them whilst perched on a high bar stool.  We seem to refer to them as strappy high heel sandals over here. I relate to your comments about foot comfort though - It is a misery inducing feeling!  However, I would put on a brave face for the pleasure of frequent looks at my feet and seeing those SEXY shoes!  And I DO consider them sexy!   

    I'm excited at the prospect of seeing your new Italian shoes when they arrive, Carrie! 

    I'm sure they'll be gorgeous, as I like your taste in heels.  

    Ah, you are a size 6 UK, how I envy your dainty little feet, compared to my own hooves!  Mine are  7.5 UK, sometimes even 8 in some styles, to get the width. Feet my size are rather cruelly referred to as 'ships' by some mean people!

    I've often thought it is a shame to wear exquisite shoes outdoors, especially in the case of those heels with sexy red bottoms. They never look as good again once the soles are scratched.  

    I can see the Italian brand name on the pair of polychromatic ( is that the correct term?) heels you show above. Wow, they are so lovely!  I adore the side view , revealing that beautiful shape, and the super slender heel. Is it four inches high, or perhaps five inches?   Whoever it was who  thought of the whole idea of high heel shoes - I salute them!  They are such a hot part of dressing up, and always feature when I am having sexy fun at home!  Am I allowed to say that?!


  • @Janine J Yes, we simply refer to them as "strappies" but the sandal part is understood.  It's a very popular look in warm summer months over here.  I have 2 or 3 lower heeled stiletto strappies that aren't really what I'd consider painfullike the 100mm heel height of the ones in the photo above.  But admit that I barely even consider wearing them, even in the appropriate season(s).  I guess I just prefer the pointed toe classic pump style more as a look for almost all the outfits I put together to go out.

    "Ships"  LoL...I've actually heard that expression.  That's unfortunate, and likely makes shoe choices and buying challenging at times.  Ah yes, the classic Christian Louboutin (red bottoms) are too pretty to see their soles ruined by the evils of outdoor pavement and asphalt tarmac.  I don't own a pair, but the one model in their line that I've coveted for a few years now are very sexy Pigalle Foilies in a 100mm height.  Of course the 120s are sexier but I could never master anything of that height, no matter how much would try, especially to be able to wear a pair of those iconic works of shoe art.  This girl knows her limits when it comes to that, sadly.

    Yes, "polychromatic" is a proper way to describe the finish on those Casadeis I showed above.  I also describe them as iridescent.  They truly are a gorgeous heel that I'm fortunate are just 105 mm in height.  The truth is, it has taken me quite a while to become comfortable in them of that height.  I still need to be careful, however, as the stiletto itself is incredibly skinny.  Shiny hard floor surfaces can be a reminder of just how close to landing on my butt could be in one mistep and a fraction of a second.  They require me to be on guard all the time.

    Clearly, I like to tempt fate.  Here is a link to 1 of the 2 pairs of new Casadeis that I expect to arrive by this coming Friday.  I can hardly wait to try these on with a gorgeous pair of hosiery and classic black pencil skirt.  I'm certain the experience of those heels will be "shoegasmic" !!  😁


  • @Carrie Stuart Thank you for your reply, Carrie.

    Oh my gosh, I do hope you treat us to a few photos of you modeling those Eloisa shoes when you get them! Absolutely gorgeous!  I like the red variant too - so hot! The strap is delightful. You are right - they will be shoegasmic!  Also, I'm curious to know which other pair you ordered.  I'm so excited! 


  • @Janine J Yes. the red versions are super hot.  I have 3 pairs of red heels, and one is a Jimmy Choo but they don't get much love.  RED is very much a statement colour, and I'm reluctant to draw all that attention to myself.  But if a girl wanted to create a noise, she'd only have to wear a short skirt, black sheer nylons, and rock a pair of those Casadei Eloisa heels in red.

    I'll likely start a different thread and highlight a different brand/style of hosiery when I model the new black patent Eloisa(s).  Stay tuned.  😋

  • Those nylons look stunning on you! Very classy and silky! I also like the reinforced toe. It accentuates your pretty pedicured toes! 

  • Ibici Acquamarina Extra Light 15 denier pantyhose is a sheer, lightweight hosiery option.

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