Sevilla Libero

  • Love the shorts, hose, and wedges bL!! The shine on those beautiful legs look fantastic! Happy Holidays. I plan to only wear hose, heels, and a Tshirt all day today! 

  • @b L I'm referring to and quoting/linking Canadian prices.  After all, Shapings is a Canadian company that is physically located in Canada.  You might not even be aware, given your relative neophyte status on this forum.

  • @Janine J Hi Janine...Thanks.  That's honestly an old photo from 2-3 years ago that I dug out as an illustration, that mostly incorporates my designer heels...but that's not entirely accurate or up to date in that regard.
    Those black and red gradient heels with the studs around them are not even close to being designer.  They are a cheap Chinese knock off of what I'm guessing is an inspired look by Valentino.  Valentino came out with a line of "Rock Stud" heels several years ago and Vocosi and others capitalized on the popularity of that design inspiration.  I bought them primarily to go with a black biker jacket that I pair with ripped blue jeans for when I show up locally at a pub with a live band.  Getting my "punk" on.  LoL  The brand (although it seems like many companies get their products made at the same factory) is Vocosi, in this case.  But I've found a bunch of other brand names that appear to be identical and accordingly priced as Vocosi, all over the internet.  I'm not certain they're still available for sale but here's a link if you want to take a look at their offerings.

    Ironically, despite the high priced designer competition in this photo, the heels I love wearing the most are the relatively inexpensive Ted Baker black patent 4 inch stiletto pumps in the centre of the shot.  They cost me about $225 Cdn about 2+ years ago.  And thanks...yes, those Saint Laurent heels are classically gorgeous and elegant in every way.  Their quality and attention to fine detail is a sight to behold when examined in person.  Compared against the Bakers, you really DO notice and appreciate the meaning of "designer" compared to main stream, but still not inexpensive shoes.  FWIW I'm a fan of a lot of Ted Baker products, not only their shoes, but these heels remain my favourites for style and comfort.

  • @Janine J I've not tried Trasparenze Claudia but if I were to take the plunge into seamless I wouldn't hesitate to give them a try.  Trasparenze make a lot of really good quality items for a pretty reasonable price.  I wear about 4 or 5 of their offerings in both pantyhose and stockings...stay up and gartered, alike.  No complaints whatsoever with Trasparenze.  Current favourites are Noemi 8, Katia 15 in pantyhose and Valentina 15 in stayups.  I also have a pair of gartered Pennac 20 den with the classic black back seam for a fun look.  Always pleased with their quality control and styles at Trasparenze. 👍

  • @Janine J That gap that you refer to when seeing women wearing pointed toe heels is known as "toe cleavage".  I think a little of it is a sexy thing, but too much, like in certain Louboutin models and women with longer than average toes, looks bizarre and unattractive.  It's like anything, when it's overdone it looks crass or distasteful.

  • @Carrie Stuart Hi Carrie, 

    Thank you for your detailed and interesting reply. Thank you also for that link to Vocosi shoes - I'm certainly going to give in to temptation and buy some!  I've wanted a pair of red bottomed heels for a long time, but haven't taken the plunge for a pair of the 'real' ones!

    Ah yes, toe cleavage!  Thanks for telling me the correct name for it!

    I have some of the Trasparenze models of tights you mentioned, as yet unworn. I think Italian hosiery is usually superb quality, if sometimes a little undersized compared to other European makes.

    I love your toenail colour in that last photo, and your super shiny floor!

    Jan x


  • @b L Thank you for your photos and for showing our members your style of hosiery and shoes.   We do appreciate you taking the time to post these photos and to show off our hosiery from our collection.   The Sevilla Libero was a creation brought on by my consistant push for CdR to produce their Sevilla yarn into a seamless panty design, knowing that this yarn could be used.  Not all yarns can be knitted into a seamless due to the stretch characteristics from crotch to waist without breaking.   

    They are selling out what they have in the Libero but it is not the end of them.  During my meeting back in March with the owner, we decided it was time to re-design the waitband.   It will be more slinkier and wider.  It is a successful pair of pantyhose and the price reflects the special machines, knitting technique, and the yarns to produce it.    The fit of seamless around the panty is truly a wonderful experience with the lack of gusset and seams.  They become a part of your body.  And not to mention, very sexy to look at.  

    I have found other seamless companies producing very high microfibre waistbands.   But, if you look close, the sheer portion sits low on the hips with the waistband needing to take care of covering your hips and waist.   Be aware of this when you purchase these off brands and compare with the styles we sell.  The sheer portion is quite higher thus giving you a complete sheer seamless panty.   

    The pricing is based on where you live and how you set the site's currency.   They currently are $23USD.  We ship around the world and our site is designed to accommodate customers outside of Canada.   

    High end brands have their marketing directed to those who want to pay the price and they need to produce products that match this pricing.  But, we have found over the years that other brands can produce very, very good pantyhose for half the price.   We know of the Wolford Inividual 10's and we had compared these to a few other styles.  Platino Frappe Mate 10's, Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 0's, Girardi Top 8's.   If you purchase all these 3 pairs, put them beside the Wolfords while on your legs, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference.   

    We all have our style and I'm glad that members are taking the time to post theirs here and we should all be free to do so.   Can't imagine a world with everyone being the same.   Our collection shows the vast variety of hosiery and it's there for a reason.    


  • @Robert Safko Thank you for your most interesting post, Robert.  I agree wholeheartedly with your comments regarding the attributes of seamless pantyhose. They can be very much a 'second skin' in fit and appearance.  Yes, the waistband on some seamless designs do sit rather low on the hips. Heist and Hedoine come to mind in that regard, but not excessively so. The quality of their materials is very high indeed, in my opinion.

    Regarding the three makes and models of pantyhose you mentioned as comparable to Wolford Individual, I've only tried the Mantoux Veloutine, and unfortunately they were a little short in the legs for me, even though I followed the size chart recommendation. However, the material was pleasing.   When looking closely at the Individual 10 material, it does appear - to me - that it has quite a unique knit. Also the feel and elasticity when one stretches it in one's hands is outstanding.  I'm in love with them!

    I'm very pleased to hear that CdeR will re-introduce the Libero, and I'm sure many of us are grateful to you, Robert, for your part in the original creation of those gorgeous tights.

    Jan xx

  • Hi Carrie, I'm glad to know that there's one woman on this planet that loves hosiery. I do too. I'm a widower and I'm just wondering if I should meet someone one day if she will accept the fact that I love and wear ph. Will be nice if she does, I can picture us walking together in shorts and ph and holding hands. That would be sweet.  Unfortunately, I think the majority of women have a very negative view of men wearing ph, like we're freaks or something which obviously to us in this forum is not the case. If I had to choose between her and the ph, the ph would probably win lol.  It would be nice to see more women like yourself out and about in ph. I just remembered that last year I was at the grocery store and I saw a very tall woman who wore a skirt and nylons and she had beautiful long legs. What a site to see. It's too bad those moments are few and far between. Anyway, I just wanted to connect with you a little.  

  • @Hoser Thanks Hoser.  I think it would be better if you sent me a private message so we can discuss in more detail some of your observations.  I'd rather not hijack this thread or take it sideways.


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