Ibici 15 100% Nylon Pantyhose

  • Went out for dinner and ended up at a pub and watched the 3rd period of the Flames game in a losing cause tonight.
    I wanted to wear a pair of my Gio stockings to dinner with the elegant black skirt I chose as the basis of my outfit tonight but it was predicted to be just a tad too chilly by evening end.  So I opted for pantyhose, instead.  Not just any ordinary pantyhose of a nylon/lycra blend.  No.  I felt like a 100% nylon experience for my legs tonight.  
    Fortunately, I have quite a healthy selection of hosiery from which to chose, so the pairing of sheer hosiery for my skirt and the Ted Baker 4 inch stiletto pumps I had in mind was an easy one.  I quickly located a previously worn pair of Ibici 15s, I had returned to their original packaging, from my collection and slid them onto my freshly showered, shaven and lotioned legs.  100% nylon stockings or pantyhose are a unique treat and sensation on the leg, especially after being freshly pampered with a smooth shave and a nice moisturizing cream.  They feel almost weightless and there's no compression like in a clingy nylon/lycra blend in pantyhose.

    These are lovely, for a pantyhose of 100% nylon.  They include a reciprocated heel and reinforced toes that offer a sense of security and a traditional stocking look to them.  They've been one of my favourite indulgences for several years now, for special nights out.


  • Beautiful Carrie! Love the toes and the ankle bracelet, and of course your silky smooth legs in those pantyhose. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • @PB Thanks PB.  I had noticed that the forum had been seeing more activity of late, so I was inspired to share my thoughts and a recommendation on a pair of my favourites from Shapings.  I wear so many different brands and styles but these Ibici 15s are truly special as a rare style for pantyhose.  I like 100% nylon when it fits well, and Ibici makes sure these do.  I also wear Kunert stockings in 100% nylon and bought a pair of their pantyhose in the same Glatt & Softig 20 100% nylon style with the  classic 1950s stocking styling with a reciprocated heel and reinforced toes.  I haven't tried the Kunert pantyhose yet, but I am a fan of their stockings, so I'm pretty sure they'll be a hit with me as well.

    I grew up in a time when pantyhose rarely even had lycra or spandex in them.  I had to get used to bagging and wrinkling and always having to smooth them up my legs or give them a good yank just above the hem line of my mini skirts to pull the loose material up.  That was an issue, at times, when trying to be discrete about it.  But it was fairly commonplace to see women having to do that all the time in the 70s...By the 80s, I think most pantyhose contained at least 10% lycra which allowed them to fit better and not fall down or get baggy around the ankles or wrinkle behind or below your knees.  But I remember how almost weighless and sensuous the 100% nylon (now vintage) pantyhose felt on my legs, and those 2 styles I mentioned above bring me back to that feeling.

  • The Kunert pantyhose run large so keep that in mind when you are choosing a size. Happy Holidays 

  • @PB I bought them in size 2, which is right on the border for my height 5'6" and 136-140 lbs, so if they are a little larger compared to the strict adherences of most Italian brands sizes that I predominently wear, then I might be just fine.  I didn't want to upsize. I don't like how excess length and material can often pool near my ankles when I've done so out of caution.  Fingers crossed.


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