High heel pumps and pantyhose

  • Which shade is better, black or suntan? 

  • i would say black as its so sexy as f , tan is great for showing off the shine though ,


  • Suntan!

  • I would normally go with the black hose, but in this case, I think the tan is better. Seems like the black is a less expensive pair and that you spent more on the tan pair. 

    Do I get 10 points to Gryffindor for being correct?

  • You are correct D, the black pair is Elly soleil 40's that are pretty cheap in cost and quality. The tan pair is Oroblu sensuel's 20's that have way better quality and cost a little more. 

  • @PB Ya, that's not a fair fight when you compare a 40 denier against something a lot more sheer.  To me, opaque hosiery just isn't that attractive.  I need to see some natural skin tone shining through in order to appreciate the beauty of the hosiery and the actual legs themselves.
    Do it again with an inexpensive pair of CdR Vidrio in black and put them up against the same Sensuel 20s and you'll have a much more even comparison in lustre and sheerness.

  • Yep D, you get 10 points for your house, Gryffindor. Say hello to Harry for me. 

  • They are both very nice but I love the black and the way the nylon arch looks !

    wow !

  • I can't say which one is best. They both look great on you.  Some days, I think there is no sexier shade for hosiery other than black. However, the fact is that I adore all shades - skintone , white, grey, pink, blue - you name it, I love it!  I wouldn't choose to go out in public in some of the bolder colours , but I wear them at home, and get a thrill from doing so! x

  • Thanks Janine, my favorite shade is suntan or a somthing a little darker. I too wouldn't venture outside in any bold colored hose, that's for inside the house and relaxing :-)

  • I think they both colors look great on you! The pantyhose certainly enhances, your great looking legs!!

  • Thanks Jackie! 

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