Oroblu Sensual 30's with heels

  • Got to love the Oroblu's 

  • They are wonderful pantyhose. Cute heels😍

  • I never wear anything as thick as 30 denier but I do wear and love various styles of Oroblu.  I wear the Sensuel 20s, Vanite 15s, Chic Up 15 Stay Ups, Club 20s, and Lycia 15 stockings.  They make really nice products.
    I really like your black strappies.  They remind me of a pair I have by Steve Madden.  I got them for my birthday about 3 years ago but they don't see much love outside the house.  They can be a bit painful after only a couple of hours and they're not fun to walk in.  But they do look HOT!  😋  The guys seem to love them.  I always catch them looking down.

  • I'm not sure if the hosiery were pantyhose or stay ups.  Stay ups I think.  They're not from Shapings, surprisingly.  They were a 15 denier with a black seam up the back of the leg.  Classic femme fatale attire when you pair a sexy stiletto sandal like that with black stockings.  It certainly has an affect on those who see it.  LoL

  • Yeah defintily classic, very nice! 

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