Nuit Blanche

Why don't Canadian men wear hosiery?

  • Nuit Blanche is always a great night to get dressed up and this year, as per usual, I'm styled to the 9's! Disappointing that literally no other man is wearing shorts and tights like I'm pulling off. I guess I'm like the city of Toronto atm trying to hard to fit into the world fashion/art scene by having a event like this which is also happening in Paris, London, Berlin etc.Fuck you All. Hard to tell....

  • @G A Looks pretty stylish to me.  FWIW we have Nuit Blanche in Calgary, too.  Calgary is always telling us that we are a world class city, too...I can't help but cough and go, "ya right".  Clearly our city councillors have a different definition for what that word truly means.  I suggest that they get out of their own backyards once in a while and actually do some world travelling.  That might help inform and shape their world views a little, as to what a world class city truly is.  (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Rio de Janiero)  You get the understanding.  I have a low threshold for BS.
    Heck, our women in this town don't even wear hosiery, unless it's the extremely thick opaques to keep their legs warm in winter.  The barelegged crowd abounds...that is IF they even wear a skirt or dress.  (rarely if ever seen by me in this cowtown)
    That look you've got going on would absolutely ROCK in Montreal, even for daily office attire.  I've lived in Toronto but wonder how much it has evolved culturally since that time.  Probably not enough to embrace your style and appreciate how innovative it is.  I think it's a good look.  Did you receive any comments from anyone that evening on your outfit?

  • Great look! You are rocking your tights. 

  • @Carrie Stuart Thanks! I thought this 2 be a perfect outfit for the evening. Iv worn the same hosiery out b4 during the day running errands. Never a problem. Newcomers to the county give looks but for the most part, no complaints. People (usually woman) say 'you have great style' or 'look' but never comment on the hosiery specifically.

    That being said. Iv slowly stopped wearing openly with shorts as it was causing more attention to myself then usual. Toronto is a big small town and when living in the downtown core for as long as I have, people recognize you and gossip usually through social media. Some of the defamatory and untrue things written about my character and personality are not only trouble some but worrying as well.

    Somedays when im feeling rebellious, I'll wear a great pair of hose with shorts in my own style and feel confident. Other days I don't.

    Toronto is as well not known as a "fashion" capital (let alone world class, lol. Ya maybe it will be world class once they finally finish building 👷‍♂️ it!) so stepping out side the box with fashion will definitely get you noticed. Thanks for responding and stay warm out west there.Tights nd shorts


  • @Steph T Thanks and luv right back to u

  • @Hailato Fontarith strange nd unique is quite all right with me 😀Thank you 

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