What type of hosiery wearer are you?

  • What type of hosiery wearer are you?  Do you wear for work, fashion, liefstyle, pleasure, medical or maybe a combination?   

    -Is hosiery just an accessory to your wardrobe?  Do you wear just to complete your outfit, maybe coordinate colors?

    -Do you wear because it is a job requirement? You work in a professional setting and it is required, you work in a restaurant and it is part of your unifrom, etc.

    -You wear for medical reasons.  Did a doctor prescribe hosiery for varicose veins, support for a post surgery procedure, to help with RLS?

    -You wear for exercise.  You like the compression that hosiery gives your legs during or after a workout.  Maybe you even like the look when paired with your workout outfit.  

    -Do you wear hosiery for warmth?  Do you wear pantyhose under your pants to help stay warm on a cold day?

    -Do you wear to bring attention to yourself, maybe attract a partner?        

    -You are curious.  You see a new style or brand of hosiery and really want to try it.  Or you find out what type of pantyhose someone is wearing like a Hooters waitress or professional cheerleader and want to experience what it feels like to wear yourself.

    -You wear because the costume you picked requires it.

    -You wear because your partner loves how you look in your hosiery and you want to please and excite them.

    -You wear because you are a tactile person and love the feel of the fabric.  You love the sensation of a pair of soft, silky pantyhose on your freshly shaved legs.  When most are taking their hosiery off after a day of work, you are coming home, sliding on a pair adding a satin robe and enjoying the smooth fabrics in the privacy of your home.

    -You are a fetish wearer.  Since a young age you have always loved the look of hosiery.  You have always desired to wear hosiery and when you slide your legs into a pair of silky pantyhose you get that funny feeling in your belly.  You love the silky sensation as well as the smooth, shiny texture on your legs.  Maybe you add stiletto heels or other body hugging clothing to indulge your fetish, maybe you go to fetish events, maybe you have your own website where you post for like minded people.     

    -You wear because you and your partner love wearing together.  You enjoy the soft, silky sensations on yourself and your partner and how your bodies look.  It heightens the arousal factor.

    -You wear because you are expected to at a particular event.   

  • Great questions, Macaulay.

    I wear sheer to waist. I wear under my dress pants to work (it is not a job requirement) and as often as possible.  I wear because they feel better on my skin than jockeys or ankle socks. I do not wear for medical reasons nor for exercise. I wear 80-denier for warmth when needed, but wear 20- to 40- denier otherwise. I do not wear to get attention, I wear because it is right for me.  I do not wear for costumes or role play. My wife is OK with me wearing pantyhose, but she's never really understood why I like wearing them. I admit, I am partially a fetish wearer. Wearing pantyhose when I am intimate with my wife is precious. I started wearing pantyhose when I was very, very young (not telling you how young). I must admit that wearing stiletto heels is very sexy for me but my wife really, really doesn't get that part of me, so I haven't worn heels in 8-10 years. I have tried on some Shapermint body-hugging garments that are blissful to wear. No fetish events in my past or future. You ask a lot of questions.  Maybe it's your job 😀.

  • I don't often use knitted clothing or jewelry because it's quite difficult to maintain. mapquest directions

  • I'm a fetish wearer;the description is exactly who I am since the age of 12

  • I love the feel of the fabric for sure, the softer the better. The look is next on my list of why I like wearing. I do wear under pants sometimes but mostly under leggings. I love wearing them with nothing else but a T-shirt around the house when it's only my wife and I, that's crazy sexy! She wears as well. 

  • Here is a typical outfit for me on my days off. 

  • It was a rite of passage for me.  I probably bugged my mom for 2 years prior to her finally giving me a conditional OK to wear sheer nylons to special events like birthday parties, Christmas events, church (of course) or any other "fancy dress" type of event.  But it wasn't until I was in high school around 13 or 14 years old that I received carte blanche and could wear them any time I wore a skirt, dress or anything, really.  I even loved wearing them under my jeans, as a lot of girls did back then.  I couldn't afford them, really, on my small allowance and baby sitting income, so I'd constantly have to plead with my mom to buy me some the next time she was going to the store.
    But right from the start, I loved them.  And that hasn't gone away over the years even though they were a constant requirement with my uniform in my career as a flight attendant.  It was then that I got to sample and experiment with European brands while on layovers in various EU cities.  I found a few favourites, and less and less purchased my pantyhose in Canada, over time.
    I wear a lot of different styles of hosiery but my colour choices pretty much remain a variation of nude/skin tones and black.  I'm not one for funky colours or patterns at all...at least not on my legs.  I have high heels for that if I want to make a statement with my clothes.  If my outfit can support it (not too short a skirt or dress) I love to wear gartered stockings, as a fun change of pace from the usual pantyhose choices.  And I wear stay ups if the weather is super warm and my skirt is too short for a garter belt and traditional stockings.  I have a pretty good selection of both stocking types, but the vast majority of my personal inventory is pantyhose of all kinds of brands.  Oroblu, Ibici, Trasparenze, Omero and Cecila de Rafael are among my favourites.
    For me, it's fashion driven, as well as wanting to feel elegant and look more sophisticated, than just not loving having plain jane pale white legs.  It's a more finished and refined look, and it very much looks more professional when in corporate wear or a skirt suit, particularly.  But I'm also a practical wearer in that because I'm in 4 inch stilettos a LOT, nice sheers act as a buffer or barrier between my tender toes and high heels that can be excruciating painful after only a couple of hours, especially if any amount of walking is involved.  That's to say nothing of keeping the inside of your expensive heels a lot cleaner because your skin oils and moisturizing lotions don't come into direct contact with your shoes.  So, pantyhose not only look good on the leg, but they feel good on your feet (as well as legs) and even add some style and class to any outfit.
    They are a mainstay in my world and shall continue to be so.  I really don't understand why they fell out of favour with so many women, but I very much would miss not being able to wear them if they ever disappeared from on-line stores and evaporated as a consumer good.  That would be a dark day.

    Thank you, Shapings, for existing...and thank you for being a rare Canadian company who provides excellent products at reasonable prices, and excellent service and delivery times.

  • In order of preference.

    . love the silky soft feel on my legs , especially when my partner is also wearing and our legs are touching together in bed or on the couch.

    wearing for comfort with my shorts in the house and in the garden and log cabin.

    Other sexuall adventures are more exiting in sheer pantyhose.

    wear in bed ( only on the weekends allowed lol ) and on hoilday.

    Wearing outside under my clothes when going out with my wife.

    wearing to keep warmer and still have the silky feeling with my shorts outside walking the dogs ( opaque only though 60 denier and only in black or dark grey ( i only have 2 pairs of these as i dont find them as nice as sheer soft pantyhose but i am at least confident wearing opaque outside .


  • I wear for leg support warmth and my wife likes the way I look in them 

  • I wear it, because it is comfortable. 

    I like sheer to waist, it actually replace my underwear when I wear them. 

  • J'adore en porter depuis que je suis jeune. Maintenant j'en porte pour me faire du plaisir. J'adore la sensation, le look, l'aspect féminin que cela me procure. C'est une manière d'exprimer la féminité. Céder mon rêve de rencontrer une personne avec qui partager ces moments intime.

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