Pretty Polly

Nylons Gloss Pantyhose

CA $11.99

Premium sophisticated glamour hosiery.
Perfectly Natural Pantyhose

CA $9.99

Natural matt look in perfect skin tone colours.
Perfectly Natural Sun-Oil

CA $11.99

The look of oil on your legs!
Nylons Back Seamed Pantyhose

CA $13.49

Gloss back seamed cuban heel pantyhose
15 Denier Gloss Pantyhose

CA $6.99

Our best kept secret, a super gloss finish!!
Perfectly Natural Open-Toe

CA $12.99

Wear your hose but show your toes!
Nylons Lace Top Hold Ups

CA $14.99

High quality lace hold up with comfort silicone banding.
Perfectly Natural Hold Ups

CA $14.99

Cool, breathable ultra flat top that really stays up!
Nylons Plain Stockings

CA $10.99

Elegant stockings.
Nylons Lace Top Stockings

CA $12.99

Very fine and elegant stockings
On Air 15

CA $6.99   CA $3.99

Relolutionary Cushion Sole
Extra Knee Highs 2PP

CA $5.49

Knee highs with generous fit around leg
Sheer/Opaque Tights

CA $16.95   CA $8.99

Sheer/Opaque split tights. 15 den/40 den
Nano Tights

CA $26.95   CA $13.95

The newest in yarn technology, NANO opaque tights.