Pierre Mantoux

Charante 20 Pantyhose

CA $14.99

Ultra shiny sheer to waist pantyhose.
Flou 5 Pantyhose

CA $26.95

At only 5 denier, our sheerest luxury pantyhose!
Setificato 40

CA $16.95

Semi opaque pantyhose with brilliant shine.
Flou 15 Pantyhose

CA $24.49

Sophisticated and elegant with new special yarn.
Nude Pantyhose

CA $21.95

Ultra fine, ultra light sheer to waist pantyhose.
Veloutine 30

CA $24.95

30 denier microfibre luxury pantyhose.
Douceur 8 Pantyhose

CA $14.95

Ultra sheer, transparent sheer to waist pantyhose.
Effet 10 Pantyhose

CA $27.95

Extremely soft and transparent pantyhose, powder on the skin!
Eclatant 40 Pantyhose

CA $18.49

Ultra satiny and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose
Veloutine 15

CA $21.95

Luxury soft 15 denier microfibre sheer pantyhose
Veloutine 0

CA $21.49

Ultra sheer 8 denier pantyhose with 5 denier finish
Vertigo Light

CA $28.99

Metallic Lurex sheer to waist pantyhose
Komodo Pantyhose

CA $16.99

The best "under trouser" pantyhose, sheer to waist that shapes and contours!
Vitalisante 30 Pantyhose

CA $16.99

Satiny and semi-sheer light support pantyhose
Couture Pantyhose

CA $23.49

Back seamed with cuban heel sheer to waist pantyhose
Venere Net Tights

CA $32.95

Sensual stretch net tights
New Parisienne

CA $39.95

A very fine lace, high quality sheer stocking!
Douceur 8 Stay Ups

CA $20.95

Ultra sheer, resistant stay up stockings
Flou 15 Stockings

CA $12.99

Silky sheer traditional plain top stocking
Veloutine 50 Stockings

CA $19.95

3D Lycra 50 denier micro fibre stay ups
Veloutine 30 Knee Highs

CA $9.49

Velvet soft and semi sheer luxury knee highs
Veloutine Chine' Tight

CA $24.95   CA $12.95

Melange 50 denier luxury tights
Veloutine 60 Deluxe

CA $24.95   CA $12.95

Velvety-soft 3D microfibre luxury tight
New Pierre Seamless Pantyhose

CA $34.99

Experience the wonder of seamless pantyhose!

CA $24.95

Ultra sheer polka dot pantyhose.

CA $31.95

30 denier spotted semi-opaque tights

CA $89.95

Lace tights with stocking effect, extremely elegant fashion tights.

CA $32.95

Net mesh styled floral motif fashion tights.

CA $59.95

50 denier 3D lycra tights with sewn back row buttons.
Satin Opaque Tights

CA $24.95

Satiny and shiny opaque tights, 60 denier.
Veloutine 100

CA $25.99

High quality ultra soft and velvety opaque tight
Collant Cotton 70

CA $34.95

Very comfortable luxuriouly soft cotton tights.
Lydia Opaque Tights

CA $64.95

Totally opaque seamed tights made of Charmeuse yarn
Cashmere 80 Tights

CA $64.95

Wrap your leg in luxurious Cashmere
Sensual 50 Tights

CA $33.95

50 den. tights in CUPRO and Lycra 3D
Cotton 40 Tights

CA $52.95

40 denier Egyptian cotton tights
Repose Massage 40

CA $32.95

Relaxing and massaging effect pantyhose, very comfortable pantyhose.
Flou 70 Pantyhose

CA $17.99

High quality look in a sheer to waist support pantyhose.
Guepierre Vita Alta

CA $159.95

Retro style open bottom girdle using state of the art fabric and design.

CA $129.95

Panty girdle for firm control with maximized comfort
Culotte Vita Alta

CA $154.95

High waisted panty girdle with modern design and materials
Body Tulle

CA $78.00   CA $69.95

See-through fishnet body suit. Panty and bra not included.
Tuta Venere

CA $63.95

Seamless net full bodysuit