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Luxe Fata


Price: CA $39.95

Completely opaque tight of Charmeuse yarn, a fabric so smooth and luxurious it will make all other opaque tights seem ordinary. Using this type of fabric requires the hose to be sewn up the back as it cannot be produced from the circular knitting machine.

No gusset, sewn on waistband. Made in Spain.


Platino /


80% Nylon, 20% Elastane /


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11/23/2013, 11:38

"I love the way this hose looks on my legs... The need to be a little more stretchy. After wearing for a few hours they constantly had to be adjusted. Otherwise a great look and a great pair of pantyhose will purchase more."


11/20/2013, 19:40

"I was very impressed with these tights. when putting them on, don't pull when trying to get over the heels,(especially if you have big feet) instead, gently push the bunched up material until it gets over the heels, then center the seam on the heel according to how that pair wants it centered, whether slightly off centered, e.t.c. I do wish that the same waistband as Cecelia Uppsala was used, but at least these go up high enough on the waist and inseam, and the material is more dense, not leading to as many tiny holes in the material caused by the sole on the foot at the heel. Do not run with these without cotton socks over them, they are too slippery and will be damaged by friction! They are worth the money, now I hope these last!"


09/21/2013, 04:01

"Quite simply, these are the most luxurious tights you'll ever experience. I use the word experience because you don't just "wear" these tights, they take your legs and style to heretofore unknown levels of visual and physical stimulation. Upon opening the package, the first thing you will notice is the weight as they spill out across your hands. Unlike the fragile gossamer of sheer hose, the thick and slippery charmeuse fabric feels solid in its absolute opacity. As you slide the silky sandalfoot onto your feet, take care to align the subtle and sexy backseam with the middle of you heel since the denseness of the yarn and the high lycra content hug your curves so well that later adjustments may prove difficult. Trust me when I say that this is not a bad thing! Once you pull up the soft, scalloped waistband and tug them into place, their simultaneous smoothness and silkiness envelop your legs is shimmery sumptuousness that evaporates any feeling of buyer's remorse given their high initial cost. I say "initial cost" because I am writing this review after owning these tights for almost two years with no runs or loss of quality in the fabric. I once had a small hole in the backseam which was easily mended with a thread and yarn. Indeed, these are stockings worth mending! I own them in black and look forward to purchasing the silver in the near future. I honestly can't recommend this legwear enough. Order a pair, get a wax or a nice close shave, and slip into these amazing tights. As they gently caress your legs and slip smoothly together as you cross your legs, you'll thank me ;)"

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