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No Waist Summer


Price: CA $12.99

Go ahead, slide on a pair of pantyhose in the summer heat.  Dusen has made your decision to wear hose a lot easier with their no waistband summer pantyhose made with Hidrofil yarn. Your legs will look their best while being dry and silky and will never stick together while you cross those gorgeous legs.

The yarn has two kinds of looks, in soft lighting it comes off as a makeup look but once in direct sunlight the hose gives off an oily glossy sheen, just as if you stepped off the beach. You will forget you are wearing pantyhose due to the very extendable yarn and non existent waistband.

Automatic seams, gusset, sheer toes, 12 denier. Made in Spain.


Dusen /


18% Spandex /


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07/12/2013, 09:12

"No Waist Summer should be in every girls hosiery bin. Easy to put on, durable and light as a feather. In normal room ambient light these hose are literally invisible to the casual observer. But beware when you go out in direct sunlight. These super sheer babies will instantly turn your legs into a blaze of nuclear brilliance. If you want to draw attention to your legs. wear No Waist Summer. I always wear these on when I go out in my shortest mini attire. "

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