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Cleancut 15 Pantyhose


Price: CA $17.49

The Platino Cleancut is one of our most unique pair of sheer to waist pantyhose. Sliding into a pair takes on a new meaning as you quite literally slide into them. The micro-silicone coated fibre gives you the sheerness, look and glass-like smoothness only compared to 100% nylon stockings but with 35% Lycra you will certainly enjoy the fit.

The ultra smooth and slippery sensation is the best we have experienced and we have no doubt that your legs will be in for a very sensuous treat. Topping off these beauties is Platino's laser cut technology to give you the flattest waistband ever as there is no fold over stitching or micro band.

The special waistband yarn has been sliced leaving a non-fraighing clean edge.  Highly durable fibre, flat seams, cotton gusset, fully boarded, sheer toes, size 5 has back panel gusset. Made in Spain.

Cleancut is now back in stock and ready to dispatch to our customers. Not all colours have complete size range in stock.  

Please click on the colour box to view the available sizes.

Once this inventory is sold out, there will be no new Cleancut until Jan-Feb 2015 as notified by Platino.  


Platino /


65% Nylon, 35% Lycra / /


Click on Colour for Size Availability



10/14/2014, 16:25

"The best of the best. You will love them, No matter if you are a women or a man. Just put them once and you will be hooked. "


10/14/2014, 16:25

"The best of the best. You will love them, No matter if you are a women or a man. Just put them once and you will be hooked. "


07/09/2014, 01:42

"These are unbelievably nice! Wow! "


07/05/2014, 22:40

"I'm in for these beauties. Great shine! They are slick and smooth and very comfortable. And seems durable too. Suitable for any occasion. If these pantyhose were available as stockings, they would look adorable under a wedding dress."


06/27/2014, 08:07

"Wow! These are the sexiest pantyhose ever! I love the shine and my wife loves the comfort and fit, so we're both very happy! It would be interesting to know what colours are planned when they go back into production. I hope they don't stop 'Marron' as they are best for shine."


06/22/2014, 11:54

"Order the right size and they will fit you like nothing you have ever worn. The shine and feel are out of this world. "


06/18/2014, 07:31

"After 15 wears and washes these nylons are still able to be worn. They still shine and slippery hen crossing my legs. The only problem is the seams are beginning to come apart, i think that is great after 15 wears. These pantyhose are by far the best ever. Go ahead, buy them you will love them.

Mike "


06/10/2014, 12:58

"The first time you put them on, the feel is wonderful and the shine is unbelievable. This is the best pair of pantyhose you will ever want to wear.


05/29/2014, 21:02

"Soft, shiny, and sexy. The fit and feel are terrific! These are some of the most comfortable pantyhose I've ever worn. --I'll never wear any other brand or style as long as they are in production."


05/27/2014, 19:48

"My resent order arrived today , it has been a long wait but was well worth it. My wonderful boy friend was shocked when he came home from work, I slipped into my new clean cut 15 and the rest of the items that bring him to a boil. I am sure that dinner out will happen tonight. My order was perfect and arrived much sooner than normal. One thing for sure, these nylons are the best ever and are subject to a lot of turning heads. Shine is breath taking, your legs feel soft , please order yours today I promise you will love them so much.

P.S. thank you Shappings for changing the way my legs feel and look, I love you guys."

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