Revitalise 40

CA $23.95

Premium Lycra Soft 40den. support hose
Repos 40 Support Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $19.95

High quality sheer to waist support pantyhose
Rubino 40

CA $16.99

Semi-opaque sheer to waist satiny sheen pantyhose.
Vitalise 40 Pantyhose

CA $14.99

Exceptional light support pantyhose.
Micro 30

CA $21.98

Ultra soft 3D microfibre semi-sheer pantyhose. A luxury experience.
Repose Massage 40

CA $32.95

Relaxing and massaging effect pantyhose, very comfortable pantyhose.
Sensitive 30 Pantyhose
by Gerbe

CA $49.95

Semi-opaque satiny pantyhose in vibrant colours!
Different 40
by Oroblu

CA $18.99

The new comfort never felt before.
Carezza 40 Pantyhose
by Elly

CA $16.95

Medium support 40 denier pantyhose with reinforced heel and toes.
Satin Look 40 Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $20.95

Semi-opaque glossy briliant pantyhose
Gold Line 40

CA $9.49

Silky 40 denier sheer to waist pantyhose
Dolce Vita 40
by Oroblu

CA $15.95

Light support pantyhose with special comfort waist.
Pearl 30 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $19.95

Ultra soft and clingy semi-sheer pantyhose
Eclatant 40 Pantyhose

CA $18.49

Ultra satiny and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose
Ideale 30 Pantyhose

CA $10.49

30 denier satin pantyhose with micro waistband.
Vitalisante 30 Pantyhose

CA $16.99

Satiny and semi-sheer light support pantyhose
Onix 40

CA $12.49

Super shine in a semi-opaque pantyhose.
Gemini 40 Pantyhose

CA $11.49

Silky, satiny all sheer pantyhose, great for everyday.
Granate 40

CA $14.49

Executive style light support pantyhose.
Control Top 30

CA $19.99

30 denier pantyhose with ultra control top panty
by Cette

CA $42.99   CA $24.95

Lace waistband pantyhose.
by Cette

CA $19.49   CA $12.95

Quality 30 denier beauty!
by Consay

CA $5.49

40 denier silky smooth pantyhose
Promise 40 Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $6.99

Satin sheen 40 denier pantyhose
Noble Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $8.49

A 40 denier stunning pair of pantyhose!!
Ebano 40
by Dusen

CA $14.99

Semi-opaque satin sheer to waist pantyhose
Soleil 40 Pantyhose
by Elly

CA $13.49

High quality 40 denier satin sheer pantyhose

Super Soleil 40
by Elly

CA $14.99

The extra, extra large pantyhose for the very large body.
Sefora 30 Pantyhose
by Elly

CA $11.49

Traditional RHT pantyhose
Sefora 30 Pantyhose PLUS
by Elly

CA $11.99

Traditional RHT pantyhose in Plus Size
Diana 40

CA $14.95

Extreme shine 40 Den. Pantyhose
Ginestra 40

CA $11.49

Smooth and very silky 40 denier patyhose.
Positive Press 30

CA $7.99

Energizing control top pantyhose 30 DENIER.
Slim Body 40

CA $11.99

Shaping control panty with support leg pantyhose
Intrigo 40 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $16.99

Semi opaque pantyhose that fits great under pants.
Sensual 30 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $14.99

Semi sheer beauty. Sheer to waist pantyhose.
Magie 40 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $15.99

Brilliant semi-sheer pantyhose in 40 denier.
Dorella 40

CA $20.95

Premium Shiny Pantyhose
Setificato 40

CA $16.95

Semi opaque pantyhose with brilliant shine.
Veloutine 30

CA $24.95

30 denier microfibre luxury pantyhose.
Total Comfort 40

CA $16.95

Ultra soft, satin hose with comfort no-waistband
Verano Leggins

CA $10.99

30 denier semi opaque satiny legging
Luxe 40 Pantyhose

CA $14.99

Soft, luxurious, and satiny in a 40 denier sheer to waist.
Sheer 30
by Pompea

CA $11.99

30 denier sheer to waist satiny pantyhose.
Tutto Nudo 40
by Pompea

CA $14.99

A premium 40 denier satin beauty!
Sheer/Opaque Tights

CA $16.95   CA $8.99

Sheer/Opaque split tights. 15 den/40 den
Silk 40

CA $16.99

Ultra satiny semi opaque pantyhose. NO SiLK CONTENT

Top 30

CA $13.99

Satiny, silky high quality 30 denier pantyhose.
Christine 30 Pantyhose

CA $12.49

Sheer to waist 30 denier for everyday wear.
Debby 40

CA $12.99

Silky sheer to waist 40 denier pantyhose