Micro 20

CA $16.99

Soft, sheer and clingy, I beautiful leg experience in microfibre
Corinne Seamless Pantyhose

CA $32.95

20 denier seamless pantyhose with 15cm lace waistband. 

Sevilla 15 Non-Slip Pantyhose

CA $16.29

Ultra sheer oil effect pantyhose with non slip sole
Different 15
by Oroblu

CA $14.49

The new comfort never felt before.
Brigitte Pantyhose

CA $14.49

Shiny sheer to waist pantyhose, very brilliant.
Unique 20
by Oroblu

CA $36.95

20 denier seam free pantyhose w/flat waistband.
Gemini 20 Pantyhose

CA $10.99

Your everyday yet superb pair of executive pantyhose.
Linette Pantyhose

CA $9.49

20 denier back seamed pantyhose with sheer toes
Dance 15 Pantyhose
by Elly

CA $7.49

Glossy, shiny reinforced panty, very transparent pantyhose
New Malindi 15 Pantyhose

CA $6.99

Reinforced panty, glossy sheer pantyhose
Breeze 15 Pantyhose

CA $7.95

A breath of fresh air for your legs.
Riga 20 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $15.49

Sheer to waist, back seamed, pyramid-shaped heel.
Place Vendome 15 Silk Pantyhose
by Cervin

CA $84.95

Silk sheer to waist pantyhose. Extremely rare piece of hosiery!
Charme Pantyhose

CA $10.99

Back seamed wedding collection pantyhose.
Riga Lux Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $16.49

Lurex back seamed elegant pantyhose.
Cristalle Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $28.95

Back seamed pantyhose with appliqu├ęd studs.
Shine Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $26.95

Sheer pantyhose with ankle motif
Etoile 20
by Elly

CA $11.49

20 denier Sheer to Waist pantyhose
Moonlight 15 Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $16.49

Sheer gloss "oil" effect pantyhose
Chinchillan 20 Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $16.95

Anti-run pantyhose, matt and transparent.
Mystique 20 Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $19.95

Microfibre natural looking make-up pantyhose
Glamour 20 Pantyhose
by Hudson

CA $11.49

Ultra shine 20 denier pantyhose for glamorous legs!!
Glatt & Softig 20 Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $11.95

100% nylon pantyhose with RHT design.
Raffinesse Back Seam Pantyhose
by Kunert

CA $17.95

20 denier back seamed cuban heeled pantyhose
Strip Panty

CA $14.99

Garter style pantyhose for sexy perfect legs.
Dita 15 Pantyhose

CA $4.89

Soft and matt finish pantyhose
Soft 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson

CA $9.99

Soft, subtle and very comfortable pair of everyday pantyhose.
Lilly Lafina 15 Pantyhose
by Hudson

CA $12.95

100% nylon pantyhose w/reinforced toe and panty. 2 Pair Pack

Margherita 20 Stay Ups

CA $24.95

Plus sized stays ups for the full figured legs
Low 20 Pantyhose
by Oroblu

CA $12.49

Low waist 20 denier high quality pantyhose
Different 20
by Oroblu

CA $16.98

The different kind of pantyhose with comfort in mind.
Eterno 20 Pantyhose

CA $18.95

Super gloss, no waistband pantyhose!
Sevilla Chic Pantyhose

CA $16.49

Oil gloss back seamed pantyhose!
Gold Line 15

CA $8.49

Satin pantyhose, sheer to waist.
Gold Line 20

CA $7.49

Soft shine sheer to waist pantyhose
Vidrio Crotchless Pantyhose

CA $12.95

Glossy smooth and shiny pantyhose with no crotch design
Rubino 22

CA $14.49

Super shine sheer to waist pantyhose.
Agata 20

CA $10.99

Shiny sheer to waist pantyhose 20 denier pantyhose.
Vidrio 15

CA $10.99

Very fine glossy sheer to waist pantyhose in 6 sizes!
Gemma 20

CA $10.99

Executive style office pantyhose for executive legs.
Sevilla 15 Pantyhose

CA $13.49

Lycra ultra shine beauty. Now in 26 shades!
Victoria 15

CA $9.99

Sheer to waist glossy 15 denier pantyhose
Ryno 20

CA $9.99

20 denier satin sheer to waist pantyhose
Sevilla Control Top Pantyhose

CA $13.99

Sheer gloss pantyhose with ultra rear shaping panty! ON SALE! REG. $18.99
Hyde Park

CA $16.49

Sheer to waist back seamed pantyhose. 20 denier.
Zero Back Seam Pantyhose

CA $45.00

Back seamed pantyhose with ribbon crochet panty. Very Sexy!!
Chariss Suspender Pantyhose

CA $34.95

Lace waistband Suspender Pantyhose
Seduction Couture Bicolore Pantyhose
by Cervin

CA $31.95

Edwardian style back seamed pantyhose.
Emilie Luxe 15 Pantyhose
by Cervin

CA $32.95

High quality sheer gloss pantyhose in 15 denier.
Lido Pantyhose
by Cervin

CA $29.95

Lingerie look French lace high cut panty. Very Sexy!
by Cette

CA $16.99

Pyramidal heel seamed pantyhose
by Cette

CA $10.99

For the comfort of the fuller figure
by Cette

CA $7.99

100% Nylon tranparent, smooth pantyhose
Cafe Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $4.99

100% Nylon transparent hose
Only You Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $5.99

Silky and glossy, great looking pantyhose
Dream Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $7.49

15 denier glossy and elegant sheer to waist pantyhose
Catwalk Classic Seam Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $7.99

Classic back seamed sheer to waist hose.
Catwalk Diamonds Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $7.99

Diamond patterned back seamed pantyhose.
Frantic Pantyhose
by Consay

CA $6.99

A very soft and luxurous microfibre pantyhose
Favourite 20
by Consay

CA $6.49

Slick and shiney gloss, slide into a pair today!
Sedilux 15 Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $7.49

Glossy transparent leg with reinforced panty and toe.
Tactill 15 Nude Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $8.99

Soft, silky and transparent comfort in sheer to waist
Tactill 15 Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $7.49

Soft, silky and transparent comfort for your legs.
Extra Talla Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $11.99

Comfort pantyhose for the Big and Tall girl
Nudelux 15 Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $9.99

Transparent gloss sheer to waist pantyhose.
Fino Control 3 Pantyhose
by Dusen

CA $17.99

Firm control top pantyhose that targets your 3 main areas.
Aurora 15 Gloss

CA $7.75

Ultra sheer silky gloss pantyhose. Great for everyday
Dafne 20

CA $10.95

Shiny elegant pantyhose
by Fogal

CA $63.00   CA $27.00

Very comfortable and beautiful control top pantyhose
Segretissimo 15

CA $15.95

Marvelous invisible control top pantyhose
Exclusive 20 Pantyhose

CA $6.99

Ultra glossy sheer to waist pantyhose, shiny smooth finish.
Exclusive 15 Pantyhose

CA $6.99

Pearlescent glossy sheer to waist pantyhose, very silky.
Hips 20 Pantyhose

CA $5.99

Hipster style pantyhose in a glossy finish.
Miss 15 Pantyhose

CA $5.49

High shine, high gloss for great looking legs.
Miss 20 Pantyhose

CA $5.49

Smooth and transparent 20 denier basic pantyhose